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Riot Confirms VCT Is Coming To Shanghai

Riot Confirms VCT Is Coming To Shanghai
Written by: Weeii

Riot Confirms Next VCT Masters Location for 2024


Rumors have been confirmed revealing where the next VCT Masters will occur, as the second international event of 2024. That will be, of course, in Shanghai, China. 


More importantly, this is a huge step as it prides China since it just recently entered the game league. As we all know, VALORANT was not allowed previously which remarks these as amazing milestones to be hit for the region. 

Furthermore, Shanghai also hosted China’s first offline Valorant tournament which happened to be the Chinese open qualifier for VCT Champions. 




While Riot previously mentioned that they will integrate China into the league, most of us thought that meant inviting Chinese organizations (teams) to the VCT League such as in Masters LOCK//IN and Tokyo. However, that appears to be also bringing the VCT to the hometown of China.  


“To show our appreciation and to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Valorant in China next year, we’re very excited to bring Masters to Shanghai,” Leo Faria, the Global Head of Valorant Esports, said.


Bringing back an important point, where no details have been announced or stated about the first event of the year 2024, which leaves us only knowing about where it could be. However, we will probably get more information about that later this year as Champions conclude. 

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