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VCT Champions 2023 Recap: Statistics, Tournament MVP & More!

VCT Champions 2023 Recap: Statistics, Tournament MVP & More!
Written by: Weeii

VCT Champions 2023 has finally concluded, leaving behind an amazing and outlasting memory and mark in Valorant’s Esports History. From funny moments, incredible plays, exceeded expectations, or random events throughout the tournament, Champions 2023 in Los Angeles was exceptional.




Not only did we get to see phenomenal players pop off in-game, but we also saw superstars that nobody had expected to see attending Champions 2023. Most notably, Elon Musk and Ben Affleck who’s better known as “Batman”. 

The Newly Crowned Champions


Welcome and hail the new Valorant Champions, Evil Geniuses. With an impressive and well-fought lower bracket run through the elimination bracket, they made it on top and beat Paper Rex in the last Grand Final in a 3-1 fashion. 


Evil Geniuses finished Champions in the first place with a dominating performance, boasting a 100% win rate in some maps (Such as Fracture and Lotus) and over 80% on maps like Ascent and Bind, truly a nightmare to face in the lobby.


Finishing as the crowned Champions of Valorant, they played 7 matches, winning 6 of them and making it through the lower bracket to the finalists. 


Paper Rex comes in second place after losing the Grand Final to EG, leaving LOUD in third place and the back-to-back champions FNATIC on fourth. 

Who Is The Best Player In Champions?


The enticing question is, Who is the G.O.A.T of Valorant at the moment? Let’s take a deep dive into VCT Champion’s statistics and make a conclusion: 

Topping the rating in vlr, is Demon1 with an unmatched 1.26 overall rating. With an average of 1.39 KD, 246 ACS, and a 40% Headshot Percentage, Demon1 is truly the undisputed king of Valorant at the very moment. 


But he is not the only insane player, as we have seen dominating performances from multiple players throughout Champions and before. 



Not falling short from Demon1 comes KRU's superstar, keznit with a 1.19 overall rating, 1.13 KD, and 266 ACS.

A popular mention among many analysts and professionals is both AlFajer and Leo from FNATIC. Alfajer with a 1.17 overall rating, 1.39 KD, and 232 ACS.

Leo stands with a 1.17 overall rating, 1.37 KD, and 206 ACS.

It doesn't stop there as the list of the top 10 players only shows more impressive stats displayed by the talent of each of those players.

Finally, the event garnered 5.79M hours of watch time throughout its 8-hour run. With a run time of 116 hours, Valorant Esports are catching up to become the superior of the scene in no time.

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