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The Guard Will Not Participate In VCT Americas After Failing To Cooperate With Riot

The Guard Will Not Participate In VCT Americas After Failing To Cooperate With Riot
Written by: Weeii

News is spreading around after Riot’s most recent statement regarding The Guard’s Valorant roster; they will not be able to participate in the VCT Americas League due to failure to meet the deadline of the league’s agreement. 

The Guard Is In Shambles


The Guard is a well-known organization in the community, ever since their first signing and they have been a dominating force in the scene. Not only that, they are the crowned Ascension Champions, making it to Riot’s Partnership program which is a thing that other organizations can only dream of achieving. 

Through a tough battle, they shined and qualified to become a partnered team in VCT Americas for the years 2024 & 2025. 


“After several months and rounds of communication with The Guard, the organization has failed to meet the deadline to agree to the Team Participation Agreement for VCT Americas,”


“As a result, The Guard will not be participating in the 2024 VCT Americas League” 


This decision was made purely out of the organization's ignorance to respond and cooperate with Riot, therefore the players who achieved Ascensions will not be able to participate in the Americas League.

What’s Next?


The future of The Guard players is unclear, we do not know if they will be allowed in under a different organization’s name or if the runner-up (M80 Esports) will be promoted instead. There is a good chance that no team makes it for this year and The Americas League will continue just as it is. 




Disguised Toast, who is a well-loved persona known to operate and fund DSG, said that he would be willing to pay for the players if it meant qualification. 


Currently, the community is outraged on both The Guard for not owning up and Riot for not finding a resolution to the players who put their sweat and tears to qualify and become Ascension Champions. 



It does not stop there, as it seems the player figured out about this shocking news through Twitter. As far as we know, The Guard did not even let their players know what is going on and they suddenly are met with the result that they will not be playing VCT Americas. 

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