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Jett is still one of the strongest agents in Valorant

Jett is still one of the strongest agents in Valorant
Written by: Weeii

We all know about the devastating Jett nerfs that at first sight seemed to destroy the agent and kill the joy behind playing it. Into the new act, how is Jett holding up at the highest levels of ranked? Let’s see if Riot really killed the agent, or if it still is a dominating force as a duelist. 



Jett In Radiant


You might ask yourself, has this update really killed our beloved Jett? What do Radiant and Pros think of that? We’ve got the stats to demonstrate how the agent is playing throughout these changes. 


According to, Jett holds a steady pick rate of 18.9% with a slight drop of 2% in her pick rate after the new update. But does this mean the agent is unplayable anymore? The answer is, No, Jett is still perfectly fine to play and she remains one of the strongest duelists. 


Among the 18.9% pick rate, the agent has an average of 50.2% win rate and a 1.11 K/D. With these decent stats in Radiant, you can safely say, the agent is irreplaceable. 


Her strongest ability is how versatile she is, whether it comes to movement (entering and mobility) or OPing as these 2 factors are still best found with her. 

TLDR; Jett is still strong, with an insane pick rate and win rate in the highest rank of play, The nerfs did weaken her but she seems to take it on and stay balanced / steady.

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