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TenZ Is Officially Staying With Sentinels For VCT 2024

TenZ Is Officially Staying With Sentinels For VCT 2024
Written by: Weeii

Sentinels, one of the fan-favorite organizations in the Valorant Esports scene has just made an important announcement regarding its competitive roster for the VCT 2024 year. In the announcement, they confirmed that Tyson “TenZ” Ngo re-signed with the team for the upcoming year.



TenZ Is Staying With Sentinels


While many rumors surfaced about TenZ not being a part of the team for the next year, this shows us that we should “expect the unexpected”. 




Through a comedic sketch, Sentinels presented that TenZ will compete in the upcoming year. However, this is the only announcement regarding their Valorant roster as the remaining players remain a mystery for now.


This comes as a shocking announcement, especially as Sentinels revealed that they were at risk of running out of money, it seems that they have pulled it off and they’re still eager to take part in the Valorant Esports scene. 


Sentinels are the champions of Masters Reykjavik 2021, not only that, they are the only team that pulls out the highest viewership across their matches. Ever since their international win, they were not able to qualify and earn a trophy. 


TenZ was competing with Sentinels throughout their journey, and with him keeping up we can only wonder if he will be able to lift the trophy twice.

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