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FaZe Drop Their Game Changers Roster

FaZe Drop Their Game Changers Roster
Written by: Weeii

FaZe clan made an announcement releasing their Game Changers roster just 2 weeks before Game Changer Series 3’s beginning. Now the team has the option to compete as Free Agents or just separate looking for opportunities in such a short period of time. 

FaZe Clan Is Out Of Valorant


While there aren’t any confirmed statements made by FaZe that they will be exiting the scene entirely, following their release of the main roster and now the Game Changers roster, they have no active players in VCT or Valorant at all. 




After 6 months of signing the Game Changers roster, they decided to drop it. Although, it is natural to let go of a team when things don’t work out. However, dropping your roster just as VCT is about to start seems unfair to the players as this shortens the time they have to find a suitable org. 


With that, some of the players will stay LFT as a core (of 3) and the rest will be going on their own to explore options. They are also not the only organization to drop their GC roster, as TSM previously did. 

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