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yay is rumored to be playing in VCT Pacific for 2024

yay is rumored to be playing in VCT Pacific for 2024
Written by: Weeii

Among all the rumors and leaks, there is one player who managed to avoid any sort of exposure in regard to their roster moves. And that player is the one and only yay. El Diablo fans have been hanging on tight to find any string lead confirming where they will see yay next. And today we will give you that lead. 



Yay In VCT Pacific


Rumors surfaced that Yay will be moving regions, more specifically to the Pacific region. But that’s not all that fans were able to compile to put up this puzzle, it was noticed that he might be BLEED Esports, 5th player. 


The first piece of evidence that the community has compiled is yay’s personal account. It seems to be inactive, which could be just him playing on another account but some think it’s because he is transferring his account to a different region (Pacific)


The second piece of evidence is the recent livestream of one of the players on BLEED playing ranked. In that stream, his duo was “zommy” which is a pretty suspicious name for a pro player. 


In that stream, players noticed that “zommy” has the same crosshair and aim style as yay. Furthermore, he appeared in a clip where he sounded completely identical to yay. 


What supports all of this even more, is yay’s previous tweet confirming that he will be in a franchised spot for 2024.

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