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BLEED Coach Explains The Process Of Signing Yay

BLEED Coach Explains The Process Of Signing Yay
Written by: Weeii


As yay signed with BLEED Esports to play in the franchised league in 2024, their coach “Ominous” showed up in an interview and explained the process of signing the superstar yay. 



How Yay Signed With BLEED


On the YouTube Channel The Elevated Esports Experience, the topic of signing yay was brought to the table and the analyst Ominous explained a bit about it.

He mentioned that importing yay to the Pacific Region to play with the squad was hard but it was made easier due to Bleed’s head coach Nikola ‘LEGIJA’ Ninić’s familiarity with the yay.
Although he did not coach him before, he did work with him which smoothened the process a little bit.


Interestingly enough, Ominous said that they did not have tryouts before finalizing a deal with yay. Which is an unusual line of process but importing can be tricky and with a player like yay, it must’ve seemed like a done deal. 


Another important note is that the team did not hesitate on picking up yay just because had missed to play in a Tier 1 Experience for the past few events, just like his fans they believed in him and they are faithful he can show the world who is the goat of Valorant once again. 

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