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Everything You Need To Know About The Cheating Situation In Game Changers

Everything You Need To Know About The Cheating Situation In Game Changers
Written by: Weeii

While Valorant has one of the strongest anti-cheats in the tactical first-person shooter category, there still are occasions where cheaters will make it through and ruin the integrity of the game. However, it doesn’t last for long as sooner or later, they all get caught and punished immediately. 


You might have heard about the recent “drama” in the Game Changers scene, as was confirmed to have a cheating player during the tournament matches. 


Cheater Caught In Game Changers


In an official match between the team “noot noot” and Complexity GX3, the player “malibu” was confirmed to be using an unfair advantage through a third-party software during the game. 




After Riot confirmed the incident, they took action effective immediately. That includes their public statement on twitter: 


“Riot Anti-Cheat confirmed competitive integrity was compromised by noot noot.” 




One of the team players came forward and made a public statement as well, they claimed to have never known their teammate “malibu” was cheating and that it was completely uncoordinated. 


The fans had their suspicions over this as malibu and 2 other teammates had similar last names on their VLR page, but they also said that was for privacy and entertainment purposes. 




Needless to say, the team was disqualified from the tournament followed the allegations. Although, Riot’s Operations team is still investigating this deeply to ensure everything is done right. 

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