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New Duelist Screenshots Revealed

New Duelist Screenshots Revealed
Written by: Weeii

For all of you duelist players, it is time. The new “Agent 24” is right around the corner, with the new patch we will be introduced to this exciting new agent. More specifically, on October 19th, you will be able to see content creators and pros demonstrate the agent’s gameplay.


The Leaks


Although we are set to fully see this agent in 2 days, we have a handful of information about this exciting agent. The new duelist will go by the name “ISO” and is from China. But what does that new agent look like? Is he cool enough to take you away from your nerfed to the ground Jett? Let’s take a look: 




While this is not the “best” picture in terms of quality, it still shows you a fair bit of how cool-looking this duelist is. And certainly, it isn’t just about looks as what matters most is how strong he is in-game.




It is safe to say that the new Agent is at least not weak, based on how pros are reacting to his gameplay / testing. Though, you could argue that pros are already good enough to make any agent shine, as that could be the case. 


So, are you excited to see this new duelist dominate and possibly, dethrone Jett? We sure hope you are!

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