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Everything We Know About Agent 24 So Far

Everything We Know About Agent 24 So Far
Written by: Weeii

The clock is ticking, we are getting closer to the release of the final agent for 2023 in Valorant. That is the new Duelist that will elevate the aggressive style in the game. Riot has given us a few clues about the agent and today we have even more, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Agent 24: 


Everything We Know About Agent 24 So Far


We previously saw a picture “teaser” of Agent 24, while everything said about it remains unconfirmed there was 1 guess that made sense to be true. 




“Uberchain” was able to have a good breakdown to figure out the agent’s nationality. Their guess landed in Singapore due to the food/culture shown in the tease picture of the agent. He also provided proof of how this could relate back to the country. 




Furthermore, we got a promising in-game tease that is reportedly referring to the agent’s ultimate. If you’re interested in seeing this in-game yourself, launch up a custom game and choose the map Sunset. There is a chance for it to appear, although it is unknown.


Some users speculate that this looks like a launch pad, maybe giving the Duelist a flying ability of some sort that could help them become “aggressive” and “ego” as the Rioter teased in the video. 

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