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Written by: Candiey

How are you liking Iso so far? Have you won all your 1v1s against him (or as him)? Below, we’ve got changes for Jett’s Blade Storm (X) and Deadlock’s GravNet (C) as well as Team Deathmatch only changes to Fade and Reyna. As always, let us know what you think. Enjoy!







GravNet (C) now requires anyone captured by it to manually remove the net in order to remove the effect. Before this, if you or the enemy were captured, you were able to remove it by moving out of the net radius or waiting for the effect to expire. We think this unlocks a unique power profile while making it a more interesting interaction on both sides, as enemies must put down their weapon and make a noise to deal with the debuff. In addition, we’ve made the ability more reliable for Deadlock to execute by increasing its radius while also ensuring that Agents like Jett and Raze can’t trivialize getting caught in it with their mobility.

  • Anyone caught by GravNet will now be debuffed indefinitely until they remove it
  • Anyone caught by GravNet will now be affected by increased gravity and a reduction in mobility (example: GravNet now reduces Jett’s Tailwind (E) distance)
  • GravNet removal time increased 0.85s >>> 1.5s
  • GravNet radius increased 6m >>> 8m




  • Jett's third-person animations while Blade Storm (X) is equipped have been adjusted to help with combat clarity. It should now be easier to understand her movement when she’s running and when she’s throwing knives.



  • Reyna
    • Reyna's Leer (C) has proven specifically potent in the close confines of Team Deathmatch since it doesn't affect allies and Empress (X) lacking a time constraint if she's rolling has proven extremely powerful. These changes are meant to create more downtime between these power moments and push Reyna to prioritize orbs if she wants to try and take over with Empress.
      • Team Deathmatch only changes:
        • Leer (C) cooldown increased 44s >>> 51s
        • Empress (X) will charge 14% slower
  • Fade
    • In Team Deathmatch, Fade’s utility can feel a little hard to use and capitalize off of. These changes aim to help her track down her enemies and close in on them.
    • Team Deathmatch only changes:
      • Prowler (C) cooldown decreased 44s >>> 36s
      • Seize (Q) cooldown decreased 51s >>> 48s



  • Presets have been added to the stats page.



  • General
    • Fixed a bug where reverb was not being applied reliably to some types of sounds, including gunshots and footsteps.
    • Fixed an issue where Viper’s Pit (X) did not correctly block vision for enemies on the minimap and megamap.
    • Fixed issues with Fade’s Prowler (C) passing through certain objects.
  • Player Behavior
    • Fixed an issue where the report button text was cut-off for the Arabic language on the Player Report menu.
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