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Fans Are Not Happy With Valorant's Map Pool Change

Fans Are Not Happy With Valorant's Map Pool Change
Written by: Weeii

Valorant is one of the few games that continue to get fresh updates on a regular basis in aim to improve the game and its quality so that players never get bored or stuck in a loop grinding this tactical first-person shooter.


 One of the most interesting changes that keep the game refreshed is the map pool, and today we will talk about how the fans are not as happy with the recent choices Riot Made. 



Valorant’s New Map Rotation


With Episode 8 on the doors, we will finally get to see a change in the map rotation of the game. In addition to that, there will be a completely new gun, the Outlaw, mid-class sniper that sparked some controversy. 




Recently, Valorant confirmed that Haven, will be exiting the map pool so that Icebox can make its comeback into the rotation. Now most pro players and casual players of the game, did not like this decision.

While Icebox is long-awaited and favored by many, it is not the issue. The issue is Haven being the map to leave the pool. There are a few options that seemed to get overlooked while making this decision.

Ascent is the oldest map in the game, so far, with no updates and that makes it a very “basic” map that pros seem to dislike. Another is Split, which has always been the most hated map in the game due to how one-sided it is, and it still remains so until now.

In conclusion, fans are sparked at the decision Riot made to take out Haven instead of the previously mentioned options. 

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