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Bonecold Announces Retirement from Valorant Esports

Bonecold Announces Retirement from Valorant Esports
Written by: ASH

Santeri "BONECOLD" Sassi, the Finnish esports star known for his remarkable achievements in VALORANT, has announced his retirement. At 25, BONECOLD made his mark in the inaugural year of the VALORANT Champions Tour, leading his team to victory in the 2021 Champions. However, his performance dipped after switching teams in 2022.


BONECOLD began his VALORANT career with hREDS, later moving to Raise Your Edge Gaming. His skills caught the attention of Acend, who signed him in March 2021. With Acend, he reached new heights, securing third place in the Challengers Europe playoffs, advancing to the quarterfinals of the 2021 Masters Berlin, and ultimately winning the 2021 Champions by defeating Gambit in a thrilling 3-2 final.


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Despite his early success, BONECOLD's visibility in the esports scene waned after leaving Acend in early 2022. He joined Team Vitality and returned to official servers in 2023, competing in the VCT LOCK//IN and VCT EMEA 2023. However, his journey ended quickly with consecutive losses in the playoffs.



In a heartfelt message on his Twitter, BONECOLD expressed joy in announcing his retirement, stating a shift in motivation and effort towards new endeavors. His announcement was followed by a live Q&A session, where he discussed his past, future, and reasons for retiring. British caster Yinsu Colins, who expressed her fondness for the player, invited him to join future broadcasts.


BONECOLD's departure marks the end of an era in VALORANT esports, leaving fans and fellow gamers reflecting on his impactful career.

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