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NIVO and The Edge HPL Team Up for Valorant Esports Excellence

NIVO and The Edge HPL Team Up for Valorant Esports Excellence
Written by: ASH

In a groundbreaking move for the European Valorant esports scene, NIVO has joined forces with The Edge HPL, a leading consulting firm renowned for its work with global athletes. This partnership marks the launch of the NIVO High Performance Division, a new chapter in esports athlete development.


NIVO, already a key player in the Valorant community, manages top talents like Nikita "Derke" Sirmitev and Timofey "Chronicle" Khromov of FNATIC, as well as James "mistic" Orfila from Team Liquid. The collaboration with The Edge HPL aims to revolutionize the way esports professionals tackle challenges, focusing on scientific and nutritional strategies to boost health and performance.



The six-month initiative will see NIVO athletes improving aspects like sleep, nutrition, hydration, and preparation for travel and competitions. This holistic approach is designed to elevate the standards of esports athlete care to the level of Premier League footballers, world boxing champions, and Formula-1 racers, as highlighted by the CEO of NIVO in a press release.


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This strategic alliance promises to set a new benchmark in esports, offering Valorant athletes an unprecedented level of support and expertise.

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