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Valorant Community Upset Over Limited 2024 VCT Matches

Valorant Community Upset Over Limited 2024 VCT Matches
Written by: ASH

Valorant enthusiasts are expressing their frustration with Riot Games due to the limited number of matches in the 2024 Valorant Champions Tour (VCT). Despite some changes from the 2023 season, the overall number of games for each team remains unchanged. This has led to a backlash from fans who are eager to see more action from their favorite teams.


The 2024 VCT season introduced a new format, including a kickoff tournament and changes in the qualifying events for the first Masters event. However, the total number of stage matches for VCT teams has not increased. Riot Games' Global Head of Valorant Esports, Leo Faria, explained on social media that each Split would feature a round-robin format with evenly seeded groups. Despite this, fans are unhappy with the decision not to add more matches.



Faria mentioned that significant changes in matches and schedules are planned for 2025. He emphasized that fans want to see top teams play more and participate in global events. However, the response from fans has been largely negative, with many expressing their dissatisfaction on Twitter. Some fans feel that the current format does not fully embrace the spirit of franchising, as it limits opportunities to watch their preferred teams compete.


The VCT season is set to begin in late February, with all four leagues aiming for a spot in Masters Madrid. Fans are eagerly anticipating more action and hoping for an expanded schedule in the future.

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