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Former Valorant Pro Makes Counter-Strike 2 Broadcast Hilarious with Funny Analysis

Former Valorant Pro Makes Counter-Strike 2 Broadcast Hilarious with Funny Analysis
Written by: ASH

In a recent turn of events at the IEM Katowice 2024, former Valorant pro, Joshua "steel" Nissan, brought a wave of laughter to the Counter-Strike 2 broadcast. Known for his strategic insights, steel couldn't help but blend his Valorant expertise into the CS2 analysis during the M80 vs Rooster match, leading to some amusing confusion.


Steel, who had a challenging year in the Valorant Challengers 2023, has since ventured into analyzing CS broadcasts. However, his analysis took a humorous turn when he began describing a site execution in terms that were unmistakably Valorant. "For those new to Counter-Strike, what we're about to see here is called a really heavy defense setup," he began, only to dive into a detailed Valorant strategy involving Omen smokes and Viper walls, much to the amusement of viewers and his co-analyst.



Despite the playful mix-up, steel pointed out the effective smoke placements by M80, which were crucial for their victory in the round, albeit with a Valorant twist. His co-analyst, DarfMike, jokingly reassured viewers, "Don't worry folks, we're still working on deprogramming him. We'll get him back."


This unique blend of analysis not only entertained fans but also highlighted steel's deep understanding of tactical gameplay, regardless of the game. As IEM Katowice 2024 progresses into its third day of Play-ins, the gaming community eagerly awaits more such moments that bridge the gap between these two competitive worlds.

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