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Steel Unveils Reasons Behind DSG's Struggles in Valorant Challengers League

Steel Unveils Reasons Behind DSG's Struggles in Valorant Challengers League
Written by: ASH

Joshua 'steel' Nissan recently shared insights into the challenges faced by the DSG team in the 2023 North American Valorant Challengers League. The team, initially formed by Jeremy 'Disguised Toast' Wang in 2022, included former Knights players and esports veteran steel. Despite a promising start, the team struggled in the second split, failing to secure any wins.


steel unveils reasons behind dsgs struggles in valorant challengers league


Steel revealed in a Twitch chat that the team's issues began with a player who consistently arrived late and was unengaged during matches. This player was eventually removed from the team. Following this, Jaccob 'yay' Whiteaker joined the team, expressing a desire to replace steel and most of the team members.



The team underwent several changes, benching players and trying new lineups, but these efforts did not yield success. Yay, reflecting on the team's performance, expressed his frustration on social media, criticizing the level of play and stating that ranked players could have performed better.


Since DSG's departure from the league, steel has shifted his focus to CS2 and is exploring opportunities in broadcasting. Yay, on the other hand, has joined Bleed Esports for the 2024 VCT Pacific season and is preparing for his upcoming debut in February.

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