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Valorant Secures 7th Spot in Twitch Views for January 2024

Valorant Secures 7th Spot in Twitch Views for January 2024
Written by: ASH

Valorant, the tactical shooter game by Riot Games, continues to impress in the gaming world. In January this year, it secured the seventh spot in Twitch's most-viewed categories, showcasing its growing popularity. Launched in May 2020, Valorant has quickly become a favorite among gamers, known for its strategic gameplay and unique characters.


Despite the offseason lacking tournaments, Valorant still managed to gather a significant 59 million hours of views on Twitch. This achievement outshines its main rival, CS 2, which accumulated about 51 million views. However, Valorant experienced a slight dip in peak viewership in January, reaching 185 thousand peak viewers, while CS 2 soared past with over 300 thousand.



The top Twitch categories in January 2024 were led by Just Chatting, GTAV, and League of Legends, with Valorant ranking seventh. This ranking reflects the game's steady hold on the gaming community's interest.


Valorant's success on Twitch is a testament to its engaging content and the strong community of streamers and fans it has built. This community actively shares gameplay experiences, further boosting the game's visibility and appeal.

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