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Sentinels' pANcada to Miss VCT Americas Kickoff Event

Sentinels' pANcada to Miss VCT Americas Kickoff Event
Written by: ASH

In a recent development reported by VALORANTZONE, Sentinels' VALORANT star Bryan "pANcada" Luna announced he won't be participating in the upcoming VCT Americas Kickoff. This announcement, made on a live stream, comes as a significant setback for the team just a week before the event.


Currently in Brazil, pANcada cited visa issues as the main reason for his absence. This was confirmed by Sentinels CEO Rob Moore in an interview with Plat Chat host Wyatt River. Beyond visa troubles, pANcada expressed frustrations with his role in the last season, particularly with playing Killjoy, whom he referred to as a "trash agent."



With pANcada out for the kickoff, the Sentinels will rely on their sixth man, Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro. Zellsis has proven his worth during the offseason, stepping in across various roles and leading the team to victory in all 10 series they played together. This shows the team's strong potential even without pANcada.


As the Sentinels head into the VCT Americas Kickoff, the focus shifts to how they will adapt to this change. Zellsis' performance and the team's overall strategy will be crucial in navigating the challenges of the upcoming matches. Fans and experts will be keenly observing the impact of this roster shift on the team's dynamics and success in the tournament.

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