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Leak Reveals Exciting New VALORANT Skin Bundle

Leak Reveals Exciting New VALORANT Skin Bundle
Written by: ASH

Exciting news for VALORANT fans as details about an upcoming skin bundle have been shared by the well-known leaker, Mike, from VALORANT Leaks & News. Mike revealed that the new bundle, named MK. VII Liberty, is on the horizon but won't include skins for the latest rifle, Outlaw.


This anticipated bundle will feature skins for Vandal, Guardian, Operator, Judge, and a combat knife. Additionally, these skins will come in three variants and offer an upgrade option, similar to the Lúgubre bundle.



Despite the leak, no images or specific release dates have been disclosed. However, if this bundle is next in line from Riot Games, it's expected to hit the store by the end of February. Alongside MK. VII Liberty, the arrival of the VCT skin bundle is also highly anticipated.


This leak has certainly stirred excitement within the VALORANT community, eagerly awaiting the official announcement and the chance to get their hands on the new skins.

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