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Evil Geniuses Faces Backlash Over New "Villain Era" Branding

Evil Geniuses Faces Backlash Over New "Villain Era" Branding
Written by: ASH

Evil Geniuses, a name long associated with esports, is under fire from fans after revealing its latest Valorant team and jersey under the "Villain Era" banner. The announcement, meant to herald a new chapter, has instead reignited criticisms over the organization's past controversies, including player mistreatment and legal disputes.


The promotion, featuring the team's inception date, was meant to evoke pride. Instead, it has attracted widespread critique. Esports personalities and fans alike have pointed out the irony in the campaign, highlighting the org's troubled history rather than its achievements. "What has stayed the same since 1999 besides the name?" asked esports caster Cameron Davis, echoing the sentiments of many.



Despite the negative feedback, the announcement video did receive some support, mainly from the players and coach showcased. Yet, the overall reaction has been one of disappointment and frustration, with many questioning the direction Evil Geniuses is taking.


As it stands, Valorant remains the sole focus for Evil Geniuses, with a lean team behind the scenes. With their Riot Games partnership set to expire in 2026, the future of EG in esports hangs in the balance. This "Villain Era" may just be the latest chapter in a saga filled with ups and downs for the organization.

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