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FC Barcelona Faces Accusations From Valorant Coach

FC Barcelona Faces Accusations From Valorant Coach
Written by: ASH

FC Barcelona, known globally for its football prowess, has recently come under fire for reportedly not paying its Valorant coach. Entering the Valorant esports scene in 2024 as Barça eSports, the team has shown promise in Spain's Valorant Challengers League. Despite this, issues beyond the game have surfaced.


In a bold move last November, FC Barcelona launched Barça Games with partners Mas Ros Media and FireSPORTS, aiming to blend gaming with entertainment. This initiative also includes a League of Legends team, maintaining the club's presence in multiple esports arenas.


However, the club's financial struggles, magnified by hefty player acquisition costs and a lack of significant wins, seem to have spilled over into its esports division. Lucas 'LRojo' Rojo, the Valorant coach, has publicly accused FC Barcelona of not fulfilling payment obligations for three months of work.



LRojo, with a background in coaching Fortnite and League of Legends, expressed his frustration on social media, highlighting the club's lack of communication and support during his four-month tenure. His financial distress forced him to rely on personal savings to survive.


As of now, FC Barcelona has not addressed these allegations. The situation remains tense as the Valorant team continues its season, with no comments from the players about the payment issues.


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The esports community awaits further developments, hoping for a resolution that honors the hard work and dedication of its members.

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