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Riot Games Rumored to Unveil New Valorant Agent After Masters Madrid

Riot Games Rumored to Unveil New Valorant Agent After Masters Madrid
Written by: ASH

Riot Games, the creator of Valorant, has reportedly delayed the introduction of their newest agent until late March 2024. Following the debut of Iso, the Chinese duelist, three months ago, the anticipation for a new character has been growing within the gaming community. Yet, sources now indicate a postponement until the conclusion of Masters Madrid.


About a month back, a teaser sparked excitement. It was part of a video celebrating the Year of the Dragon and an upcoming skin set. Amidst the three agents presented, an unknown figure lurked in the background, hinting at the new addition. This teaser briefly appeared on a game card, stirring speculation among fans.



However, the enthusiasm has been tempered by recent reports of delays, attributed to layoffs at Riot Games. A notable data miner from the VALORANT Leaks & News channel suggested that the new agent's reveal is set for post-Masters Madrid, capitalizing on the event's vast audience. This grand finale is scheduled for March 24 at the Madrid Arena.


While still unconfirmed, the lack of fresh updates lends credence to these delay rumors. Riot Games has yet to comment, leaving players eagerly awaiting official news.


The gaming community remains on edge, hoping for a swift unveiling of the new agent following the high-profile event.

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