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Rumor: Valorant to Introduce Cross-Platform Support

Rumor: Valorant to Introduce Cross-Platform Support
Written by: ASH

Valorant, the popular tactical shooter game, is set to make a big leap with cross-platform support. Data miners have uncovered code in the game files hinting at this major update. The discovery, made by the renowned Brazilian data mining group KINGDOM LABORATORIES, reveals mentions of various gaming consoles such as PS4, XBOX, and Nintendo Switch, along with mobile platforms like Android and iOS.


This exciting news was shared on KINGDOM LABORATORIES' official Twitter account, where they posted an image showing the code snippets. This finding strongly suggests that Riot Games, the creators of Valorant, are working towards integrating cross-platform play into the game. Such a move would allow players on different gaming consoles and mobile devices to play together, greatly expanding the Valorant community and enhancing the gaming experience.



The inclusion of cross-platform support in Valorant would be a significant update, aligning with the current trend in the gaming industry to provide more inclusive and versatile gaming experiences. It would not only bring together a diverse group of players from various platforms but also elevate the competitive aspect of the game, as players can challenge and team up with others across different devices.


As of now, Riot Games has not made an official statement regarding this update. However, the evidence from the data mining suggests that fans of Valorant can look forward to an exciting, more connected future for their favorite game.

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