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Valorant Hits Cheaters with Big Ban Wave

Valorant Hits Cheaters with Big Ban Wave
Written by: ASH

Riot Games developers have launched a significant ban wave on cheaters in Valorant ahead of the release of Episode 8 Act 2. Valorant often faces the issue of cheating. Riot has managed to keep cheating in Valorant relatively low, mainly thanks to its Vanguard anti-cheat system. Despite this, cheaters sometimes still find a way in.


As players voiced concerns about rising cheating incidents, developers responded with a large-scale ban right before the launch of Episode 8 Act 2. This action aims to maintain fair play in the game.



Valorant's upcoming Episode 8 Act 2 is expected to significantly update the game. In a Twitter/X post on March 4, the ‘Anti-Cheat Police Department’ revealed that Riot targeted major cheat sellers with this ban wave. The focus was on DMA (direct memory access) cheats, which are notoriously hard to detect as they use a secondary computer to access game data.


Following this, cheat sellers had to pause operations to find new methods to bypass the anti-cheat system. Valorant players have expressed their satisfaction with the ban wave. Many players appreciate the continuous efforts by the developers to combat cheating, citing it as a reason for their loyalty to the game.

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