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Riot Updates on Valorant Mobile and Console Expansions

Riot Updates on Valorant Mobile and Console Expansions
Written by: ASH

Riot Games is working hard to bring Valorant, their popular PC shooter, to more players worldwide. They aim to launch the game on mobile devices and are also exploring its potential on console platforms. This big move started with the announcement of Valorant Mobile back in 2021. However, it's been a quiet journey with little news on progress, leaving fans eagerly waiting for updates.


At the VCT Masters Madrid, Riot's studio head for Valorant, Anna Donlon, shared some light on the situation. She confirmed that development for the mobile version is ongoing but did not provide a detailed update. Donlon remains hopeful that more information can be shared later this year, without promising a specific timeline for 2024.



For console fans, there's a hint of optimism. While Riot has not officially announced Valorant for consoles, their hiring of console developers sparks speculation. Donlon mentioned that they are looking into delivering Valorant's top-notch gaming experience on different control schemes and platforms. She is optimistic about sharing more solid updates within the year.


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As the gaming community waits for more news, the anticipation for Valorant's expansion continues to build. The possibility of playing this beloved shooter on mobile and console platforms opens up new horizons for gamers everywhere.



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