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Viper Quietly Nerfed in Latest Valorant Update, Surprises Players

Viper Quietly Nerfed in Latest Valorant Update, Surprises Players
Written by: ASH

Valorant enthusiasts were in for a surprise as they recently uncovered hidden adjustments made to Viper in the game's latest mini-update. On March 28, Riot Games deployed a minor update on its servers, a common practice for fixing small issues. However, this time, the update brought significant changes to Viper without prior notice.


The major tweak involves the duration of Viper's smoke, which was reduced from 15 seconds to just 13 seconds. This revelation came to light shortly after the update, leaving many players puzzled and concerned. Similarly, Viper's wall also saw a reduction in its duration, impacting both of her signature abilities.




Players expressed their surprise over the stealthy nerf. "That’s a big deal, I don't know why they would silent nerf it," one player commented after discovering the changes.


Riot Games has yet to make any official comments regarding these changes. Without formal patch notes, it's unclear if other adjustments were made during the update. The adjustments follow the introduction of Clove, the newest Controller, adding another layer to the game's strategy and balance.


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As the Valorant community continues to digest these modifications, the lack of communication from Riot Games on such significant changes underscores the importance of transparency between developers and players.

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