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Gekko's Bug Lets Him Open Bind's Teleport Doors from Outside in Valorant

Gekko's Bug Lets Him Open Bind's Teleport Doors from Outside in Valorant
Written by: ASH

Gekko, a character in Valorant, now stands out on the Bind map due to a unique advantage. Unlike other agents, Gekko can open the teleporter doors from the outside using his Dizzy ability. Normally, these doors only open from the inside, making the teleporters a quick path between sites. When Dizzy is used near a teleporter, it triggers the door to open, potentially exposing enemies hiding inside.


This feature has caught players by surprise, leading to mixed reactions online. Some have humorously asked to keep this tactic a secret, fearing it might lead to a nerf by the developers, Riot Games.



In the past, Riot has adjusted characters like Viper without prior announcements, suggesting that Gekko's ability might be nerfed unexpectedly. For now, players can leverage this strategy to gain an edge on Bind by using Dizzy to reveal opponents seeking refuge in teleporters. The discovery has sparked a conversation among the Valorant community, with some seeing it as an inventive use of abilities, while others call for restraint in sharing such tips to avoid drawing developer intervention.


Valorant players are now exploring this advantage with Gekko, adding a new layer to the gameplay on Bind. Whether this tactic will remain effective or be addressed in a future update is yet to be seen.

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