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Sentinels Win Despite Tech Problems, Zellsis Criticizes VCT Referees

Sentinels Win Despite Tech Problems, Zellsis Criticizes VCT Referees
Written by: ASH

In a heated moment, Jordan ‘Zellsis’ Montemurro from Sentinels criticized VCT Americas referees after his team's recent match. Despite their win against 100 Thieves, Zellsis shared frustrations over technical difficulties faced during the game. He revealed that they encountered audio problems right before the match. The team was unable to resolve these issues in time.


Zellsis expressed his dismay in a livestream, saying the referees insisted they play through the troubles. According to him, the officials allowed only in-game adjustments without pausing the match. This decision forced the team to make audio adjustments while playing, impacting their concentration.




Zellsis further mentioned that any request for a technical pause would lead to penalties, including losing tactical timeouts or receiving warnings. This situation left the Sentinels to battle not just their opponents but also their equipment.


Despite these challenges, the Valorant squad, who are the Masters Madrid winners, secured a victory against 100 Thieves. This win continues their strong performance in the league, showcasing their ability to overcome both in-game and technical adversities.

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