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What is Apex Legends' Rank Distribution?

What is Apex Legends' Rank Distribution?
Written by: Mohsin

The Ranked System in Apex Legends consists of 7 Total Ranks. These represent the player base and how much each percentage of the players are skilled. When a player first joins a Ranked game, they start from the bottom and have to make their way to the top. The more skilled players find it easy to climb ranks in the beginning and as they come closer to their deserved rank it gets more and more difficult to climb further.

This ensures that everyone plays against players of equal skill and that people don’t feel completely overpowered by others. The games are fun for all players and everyone is happy.


The Ranks in Apex Legends, from bottom to top, are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator respectively.





  Rank Tier  RP
  Bronze  1,000 RP
  Silver  3,000 RP
  Gold  5,400 RP
  Platinum  8,200 RP
  Diamond  11,400 RP
  Master  15,000 RP
  Apex Predator  Top 750 Players



These Ranks have varying amounts of players, but the overall distribution in these ranks always follows a certain pattern. Bronze usually contains a small percentage of players which is followed by Silver and Gold. These ranks contain the highest percentage of the Apex player base, and when plotted in a graph, this is usually the peak of the curve. From here the curve dips down to Platinum and then to Diamond which has a decreasing number of players. Then comes the Apex Predator rank, which usually comprises less than 1% of the player base.

Let’s go over the distribution of players in these ranks in the last few seasons:



Season 13 - Split 1


  • Bronze - 19.09 percent
  • Silver - 39.6 percent
  • Gold - 27.24 percent
  • Platinum - 10.86 percent
  • Diamond - 2.63 percent
  • Master - 0.346 percent
  • Apex Predator - 0.23 percent

As you can see these percentages fit perfectly with the trend we defined above. Silver is the highest populated rank and Apex Predator is the rarest one to be seen. Additionally, here are the Rank distributions for season 12 Splits 1 and 2:



Season 12 - Split 1


  • Bronze - 17.31 percent
  • Silver - 41.12 percent
  • Gold - 27.82 percent
  • Platinum - 10.57 percent
  • Diamond - 2.62 percent
  • Master - 0.35 percent
  • Apex Predator - 0.2 percent

These percentages are also awfully similar to season 13 and closely follow the same trend.



Season 12 - Split 2


  • Bronze - 19.8 percent
  • Silver - 40.44 percent
  • Gold - 26.25 percent
  • Platinum - 10.03 percent
  • Diamond - 2.41 percent
  • Master - 0.65 percent
  • Apex Predator - 0.42 percent

The trend here is the same, but the rank division is slightly different. It can be seen that in the second split of Season 12 there is a slightly higher percentage of players in the Master and Apex Predator ranks.



What does RP Cost?

In Apex Legends, each time you queue into a Ranked game, there will be some RP deducted from your Rank. This means you cannot waste your games and must play effectively to earn more RP than you lost to end the match on a positive RP gain. This also means that if you leave a game early or crash out, your rank will be affected negatively as you won’t be able to earn back the RP you lost.


It should be noted that as you go higher in ranks, the RP cost also increases. Here are the RP costs for all ranks.


  • Bronze 1: 24 RP
  • Bronze 2: 21 RP
  • Bronze 3: 18 RP
  • Bronze 4: 15 RP



  • Silver 1: 36 RP
  • Silver 2: 33 RP
  • Silver 3: 30 RP
  • Silver 4: 27 RP



  • Gold 1: 48 RP
  • Gold 2: 45 RP
  • Gold 3: 42 RP
  • Gold 4: 39 RP



  • Platinum 1: 60 RP
  • Platinum 2: 57 RP
  • Platinum 3: 54 RP
  • Platinum 4: 51 RP



  • Diamond 1: 72 RP
  • Diamond 2: 69 RP
  • Diamond 3: 66 RP
  • Diamond 4: 63 RP


  • 75 RP (All Divisions)


The RP cost in Master Rank increases +5 for every 1000 RP above the Rank’s threshold which is 15,000. So eg when you reach 16,000 RP, the RP cost will be 80.



How Much RP Do I Earn for Playing?

Before season 13 players could earn around 275 – 100 RP from winning a game. But this has changed since the way you earn RP in Apex Legends has changed in season 13.

Now players will earn 125 RP for winning the game and 25 RP for each kill and assist they get in the game. This amount is the same as it was in season 12.


The 25 RP kill bonus is the standard award amount, but, the RP that players actually receive is slightly modified. You will be awarded the standard amount if you kill a player who is of the same rank as you. But if you kill an opponent who is of a lower rank, then you will earn less XP than usual. Similarly, killing someone who is of a higher rank than you grants you more amounts of XP. Here is the exact kill modifier for rank differences:


  Tier Difference  Kill Modifier
  3 Ranks Below  30%
  2 Ranks Below  70%
  1 Rank Below  100% (Standard Kill Amount)
  Same Rank  100% (Standard Kill Amount)
  1 Rank Above  100% (Standard Kill Amount)
  2 Ranks Above  150%
  3 Ranks Above  200%


Additionally, you will also earn a bonus RP score on each kill or assist you to get in the game depending on your placement. Here are the exact details about your placement RP and kill/assist RP bonus.


Hope you found this article informational and learned something new. Now you will have more insight into how the rank bonuses are given and how the players are distributed. And maybe you may have a better idea on how to Rank Up!

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