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Apex Legends Pick Rates: Most Popular Legends In Season 15

Apex Legends Pick Rates: Most Popular Legends In Season 15
Written by: Mohsin
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The pick rates information in Apex Legends is built upon a database of more than 13 million players of the game. Although this is not the total player base, it is a pretty great sample size. Also, the pick rates have recently been going through some exciting changes in Season 15.


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Season 15 of Apex Legends is well underway, and after dominating charts in the first few weeks of Eclipse, Catalyst has fallen down the rankings as expected, leaving familiar faces to reclaim the top spots.


This article consists of all the data you will need to know related to the pick rates of Apex Legends Season 15. It also includes some sneaky surprises as well as a list of all the legends that are all the rage right now and are quite popular among players.



Apex Legends Season 15 Pick Rates


Following, you will find a list of all the current pick rates for every Legend present in the game as of 19th January 2023. However, the percentage of these pick rates keeps changing every week, and different pick rates move up and down the list.





Pick Rate

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No. 3



No. 4



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No. 7



No. 8



No. 9



No. 10



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No. 18

Mad Maggie


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The Most Popular Legends In Apex Legends Season 15



Catalyst’s reign has finally ended, and she has finally fallen from the top spots in Season 15, which is now well underway, with the Defensive Conjurer now securing the 16th place (2.4%) in the overall rankings.


As per the expectations, Pathfinder, Octane, and Wraith are once again fighting each other for the title of the most popular legend in Apex Legends. However, the High-Speed Daredevil is way ahead of the other two as of right now, with a pick rate of 11.4%.



It is amazing to look at how the different nerfs and buffs have affected the game’s pick rates. Since there weren’t any Legend balance changes in Season 15, it completely makes sense that the mid and lower-ranking legends have kept their positions and remain in the same ones.


The Legend, Rampart, is still struggling with its pick rate and is down to 21st (1.7%). She is one place above Crypto, who stands at 22nd (1.4%), and Newcastle in the 23rd position (1.3%). Newcastle is a Legend who continually holds up the pick rate percentages.



The Most Played Apex Legends Characters


It is vital to keep in mind that a higher pick rate does not always mean that the Legend will be equally effective. However, the current design and build of Apex Legends have seen the same few characters hold the top spots for some time now.


Following are the most-played Legends in Apex Legends Season 15, so let’s get started!



Pathfinder (9.8%)



Aside from not being slightly as effective as he used to be back in his prime, Pathfinder has somehow managed to be the top mobility-based Legend in the game with a pick rate of 9.8%. Respawn Entertainment has continually modified Pathfinder’s abilities ever since Season 5.


The developers have also given other recons, such as Crypto, Bloodhound, Valkyrie, and Seer, his original ability to scan the location of the upcoming ring.


Although these events have affected his overall effectiveness in a negative manner, the Legend still manages to be among the most-picked characters in Apex Legends. The credit for that goes to his amazing maneuverability skills as well.



Horizon (7.2%)



Seeing Horizon so far up the list comes as a surprise to no one considering the massive amount of mobility she possesses in the Outlands. The Gravitational Manipulator is a valuable weapon to any team, and in the hands of the right player, it can wreak havoc for the opponents’ squads with her verticality.


Aside from that, her Ultimate ability is also a powerful weapon of its own that takes her kit to an entirely new level. The Black Hole has the ability to wipe out enemies immediately and is ideal for aggressive pushes. This ultimate of hers can be lethal when paired with throwables.


Horizon has a pick rate of 7.2%, and players can expect to see Horizon staying at the top spots for a while until the developers decide that she needs a nerf in the near future.



Octane (11.4%)



Despite the nerfs he's received since the game’s release, Octane has consistently been in high demand among Apex Legends players. He makes for an excellent solo player but also fits right into team-based games with his effective and easy-to-use abilities. Octane has a pick rate of 11.4% and is currently in the number-one spot and going strong.



Bloodhound (8.2%)



Although Seer took the title of “Best Recon Legend” early on in Season 10 of Apex Legends, that time was short-lived. Bloodhound is a Legend that no one can replace, thanks to their Eye of the Allfather tactical ability.


This ability of Bloodhound offers unparalleled information and tracking for any squad. This is one of the main reasons why Bloodhound boasts a whopping 8.2% pick rate in the game’s Season 15.


Apart from all of that, the “Beast of the Hunt” ability is an amazing traversal technique, especially in the case where you must escape the storm.



Wraith (10%)



Back at launch, Wraith used to be the face of Apex Legends, and fans can clearly see why. Her abilities have not yet been challenged or replaced by any other Legend in the game. Her portal allows for some smooth and well-calculated rotations.


Along with her phase, players can also take increased risks while still retreating with their life safe and secure. Respawn Entertainment has done some tinkering to her as well, such as the removal of the Low Profile attribute back in Season 9.



Regardless of that, the Legend still remains as lethal as ever in the current Season of the game as well. All the evidence you might need regarding her deadliness and amazing abilities can be seen by her healthy 10% pick rate.


Currently, this pick rate leaves Wraith as one of the most picked Legends in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends.

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