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How To Fix Apex Legends “UI Images Ran Out Of Room” Error

How To Fix Apex Legends “UI Images Ran Out Of Room” Error
Written by: Mohsin

Glitches and errors have always been an annoying part of every video game, and the case is no different for the popular Apex Legends. The game’s players have been going through the in-game error message saying, “UI images ran out of room,” for a while now.



This message leads to the game crashing and has started to appear more often. Apex Legends has never quite managed to make Respawn the glitch-free utopia every player desires, despite the game's sixteenth season of post-launch content.




There are all sorts of errors and bugs in the game related to crafting as well as annoying Steam crashes. There is always something there for players to find their way around. The “UI images ran out of room” error is a relatively new error and has been causing problems for the game’s fanbase lately.



Apex Legends “UI Images Ran Out Of Room” Error




This specific error displays on the screen of players after their game crashes without any evident reason. Moreover, this bug has been exclusively affecting players who play the game on PC.


Gamers playing on Switch, Xbox, Mobile phones, and PlayStation have not yet reported any such issue as of yet and seem to be absent from the crowd of fans reporting the error. The bug itself does not appear before crashing the players’ games.


It appears on the screen once the match is completely destroyed, and players are forced to return to their PC desktop.



Is There A Fix For Apex Legends' “UI Images Ran Out Of Room” Error?


Unfortunately, there is no solution to fixing this bug as of right and, nor is there a surefire cause of why this error keeps appearing. There have been some theories related to the nature of the message.


Some people think that this bug affects users who do not have enough resources to spare on their PC, specifically regarding RAM, CPU, and GPU. Nevertheless, an EA respondent also stated in October 2022 that they were unsure of a fix to the bug and that it was not familiar to them as well.



It appears that the PC crash problem is growing and becoming more prevalent in Season 15, with more and more players reporting the problem and encountering the crash on PC. Currently, Respawn has not responded to this bug and how quickly it is getting common.


However, we can expect them to investigate the matter and eventually fix the problem in the near future, no matter how much time it takes. So, for now, players should try and ensure that their PC is running as smoothly as it can, with tons of storage space present, and hopefully, a fix will be given to us soon enough.

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