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Best Legends to Use in Apex Legends for Advanced Players

Best Legends to Use in Apex Legends for Advanced Players
Written by: gekisakka1

As an expert player in Apex Legends, you're no stranger to the thrill of outmaneuvering your opponents and claiming victory. To maintain your edge and elevate your gameplay, it's essential to familiarize yourself with advanced strategies and master the Legends that best complement your skills. In this article, we will delve into top-tier Legends for expert players and outline expert strategies that can help you dominate the battlefield. And with that out of the way, let's get started!




S-Tier Legends - The Pinnacle of Performance


Horizon - The Aerial Maneuverability Maestro


Apex Legends Horizon


Horizon is an incredibly agile Legend that excels in vertical combat and outmaneuvering enemies. Her passive "Spacewalk" provides improved air control and reduced fall impact, allowing for smooth, fluid movement. Her tactical ability, "Gravity Lift," propels players upward, offering unparalleled vantage points and aerial assaults. Horizon's ultimate, "Black Hole," deploys a micro black hole that pulls in and traps enemies, leaving them vulnerable to concentrated fire.


Expert Strategy: Utilize "Gravity Lift" in combination with throwables to flush enemies out of cover or use it to reposition your team quickly. “Gravity Lift” can also be used as an area denial tool by throwing it in doorways, beginning or middle of zip lines, small spaces, and, as mentioned, especially on teams hiding behind covers. Her ultimate, "Black Hole,” is exceptionally effective at breaking doors, and paired up with Arc Stars, it can cause devastating damage to anyone in its vicinity. Mastering Horizon's aerial combat skills can give you an edge over your opponents, as most players will have difficulty targeting you in mid-air.


Crypto - The Ultimate Surveillance Specialist


Apex Legends Crypto


Crypto's drone-based abilities make him the ideal choice for gathering crucial information and catching enemies off-guard. His passive, "Neurolink," highlights enemies detected by his Drone within 30 meters. Crypto's tactical ability, "Surveillance Drone," deploys a drone that can scout and mark enemies. His ultimate, "Drone EMP," charges up an EMP blast that deals shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps.


Expert Strategy: Master the art of multitasking by controlling Crypto's Drone while staying aware of your surroundings. By pinging banners, Crypto can figure out the location of every Legend within a 200-meter radius. By doing this every 2 or 3 seconds, you will never get a surprised attack while manning Crypto. In order to use this ability more effectively, you need to first place the Drone in a safe place, check the Banners while you are running, and use Slide to keep the forward momentum going so you won't stop while using the Drone. You can now inform your teammates if you spot any other squads or keep going if you don't find anyone. In addition to this, you can also heal before you use his ultimate, "Drone EMP," which is incredibly effective in initiating fights or forcing enemies out of fortified positions. Furthermore, you can also leverage Crypto's Drone to retrieve teammates' banners safely and plan coordinated attacks with your squad.



A-Tier Legends - The Formidable Choices


Valkyrie - The Skyborne Menace


Apex Legends Valkyrie


Valkyrie's jetpack-powered abilities provide unmatched mobility, making her an excellent pick for aggressive players. Her passive "VTOL Jets" enables her to fly for short periods, while her tactical ability, "Missile Swarm," fires a barrage of mini-rockets that damage and disorient enemies. Valkyrie's ultimate, "Skyward Dive," launches her and her squad high into the sky, allowing for rapid redeployment.


Expert Strategy: Use Valkyrie's "VTOL Jets" to scout for enemies, secure high ground, and initiate fights from unexpected angles. "Missile Swarm" is highly effective for area denial and zoning. While her ultimate, "Skyward Dive," is a godsend ability, crucial for sticky situations or when your squad needs to get rotated back into the zone. Mastering "Skyward Dive" will enable you to make strategic rotations and flank enemies with ease.


Fuse - The Explosive Demolitionist


Apex Legends Fuse


Fuse excels at dealing with massive area-of-effect damage and pressuring enemies. His passive "Grenadier" enables him to stack two grenades per inventory slot and throw them faster and farther. Fuse's tactical ability, "Knuckle Cluster," launches a cluster bomb that sticks to surfaces and continuously damages enemies. His ultimate, "The Motherlode," encircles a targeted area with a ring of flames, trapping and damaging enemies within.


Expert Strategy: While Fuse can be used in direct confrontation, his main ability lies in area damage. As mentioned, his passive allows him to carry two grenades per inventory; his assault class allows him to carry even more ammo, and to add to that, the Red Bins increase even more versatility. Allowing him to hold better attachments for held weapons and the Gold Backpack. Turning him into a Loot Goblin or your most devastating bomb expert with a bag full of heals. His abilities are also perfect for breaking enemy defenses and creating chaos on the battlefield. While his tactical "Knuckle Cluster" can be used to poke enemies and disrupt their healing or revive attempts. His ultimate, "The Motherlode," can be employed to isolate and eliminate squads, control choke points, or force enemies into the open.



Expert Strategies and Synergies for Advanced Players


  • Team Composition and Coordination


Apex Legends Team Match


As an expert player, it's crucial to understand the importance of team composition and coordination. Choose Legends with complementary abilities and communicate effectively to maximize your squad's potential.


Expert Strategy: Pair mobility-focused Legends like Valkyrie or Horizon with offensive Legends like Fuse or Revenant to create a highly aggressive, fast-paced playstyle. Alternatively, combine Crypto's surveillance capabilities with Gibraltar's defensive prowess for a more strategic, methodical approach.


  • Advanced Positioning and Map Knowledge


Mastering the Apex Legends map and understanding the best vantage points, choke points, and rotations will give you a significant advantage. This knowledge allows you to make informed decisions and anticipate enemy movements.


Expert Strategy: Constantly update your mental map of enemy positions and predict their rotations. Use Legends like Pathfinder or Valkyrie to secure high ground or strategic positions before your opponents can claim them.


  • Ability Timing and Resource Management


Apex Legends Abilities


Knowing when to use your abilities and managing your resources are crucial skills for expert players. Engage in fights with a plan and keep track of your ammunition, healing items, and shields to avoid running out during crucial moments.


Expert Strategy: Learn to time your abilities for maximum impacts, such as using Crypto's "Drone EMP" right before initiating a fight or deploying Horizon's "Black Hole" to disrupt enemy positioning. Be mindful of your resources and know when to disengage from a fight to replenish your supplies.

However, the most important aspect of Apex Legends is, hands down,


  • Adaptability and Situational Awareness


Developing adaptability and situational awareness is essential for expert players to thrive in the dynamic environment of Apex Legends. Expert players must be prepared to adapt their strategies and tactics based on various factors, such as evolving game state, circle progression, enemy actions, and available resources. Here are some aspects to consider when working on adaptability and situational awareness:


Apex Legends Adaptability


  1. Recognize and React to Enemy Strategies: Keep an eye on how your opponents are playing and adapt your tactics accordingly. If you notice they're employing long-range weapons, adjust your approach by either finding cover or closing the distance to engage in close-quarters combat. Stay vigilant and modify your plans based on your opponents' strategies. Expert Strategy: If you notice an enemy team taking a defensive position in a building, use a Legend like Caustic to flush them out with Nox Gas or employ Fuse's "Motherlode" to force them to evacuate.
  2. Circle Awareness and Rotations: Keep track of the circle's progression and plan your rotations accordingly. Knowing when and how to rotate can be the difference between life and death in Apex Legends. Make use of Legends with exceptional mobility, like Wraith or Octane, to quickly reposition your team and stay ahead of the competition. Expert Strategy: Anticipate the next circle location and plan a route that minimizes exposure to open areas or choke points. Utilize terrain features and cover to your advantage while rotating, and always have a contingency plan in case things go awry.
  3. Engaging and Disengaging: Knowing when to engage and when to disengage is a critical skill for expert players. Assess the situation before committing to a fight, considering factors such as your team's health, available resources, and enemy positioning. Don't be afraid to disengage if the situation is unfavorable – it's better to regroup and prepare for the next engagement than to risk losing the match. Expert Strategy: Use Legends with strong disengage abilities, such as Bangalore's "Smoke Launcher" or Gibraltar's "Dome of Protection," to create distance between your team and the enemy when retreating. Conversely, use aggressive Legends like Revenant or Bloodhound to pursue and eliminate retreating opponents.
  4. Resource Management and Loadout Adaptation: Always be mindful of your current resources and adapt your playstyle based on your available ammunition, healing items, and shields. Additionally, be ready to adjust your tactics depending on the weapons you have acquired during the match. Expert Strategy: If you find yourself running low on resources, avoid engaging in fights until you've had a chance to replenish your supplies. Consider changing your loadout or modifying your tactics to suit the weapons and equipment you have available. For example, if you've acquired a long-range weapon like the Charge Rifle, adjust your strategy to support more ranged engagements.


By focusing on adaptability and situational awareness, expert players will be better equipped to respond to the ever-changing landscape of Apex Legends and make informed decisions that will give them the upper hand in their quest for victory.


Apex Legends Wraith Heirloon





Mastering Apex Legends requires more than just understanding the abilities of top-tier Legends. It demands a keen sense of strategy, impeccable timing, and a deep understanding of the game's mechanics. By honing your ability to adapt to the game's ever-evolving landscape, coordinating effectively with your squad, and employing advanced strategies, you'll maintain your edge over the competition and continue to excel in the adrenaline-fueled world of Apex Legends.


Choosing the right Legend for you goes beyond their tier ranking; it is about finding a character whose abilities resonate with your unique play style, preferences and how effectively you can sync with your teammates. Therefore, don't shy away from exploring different Legends and discovering which one truly aligns with your gameplay style.


So, stay alert, stay strategic, and remember, every game is a new opportunity to perfect your tactics and emerge victorious. Best of luck, legends. Here's to claiming your rightful place as the champion in the Apex Games!

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