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Apex Legends Patch Notes Season 18

Apex Legends Patch Notes Season 18
Written by: iamharoongill

The wait is over, legends! Apex Legends rolls into Season 18 titled "Resurrection," signaling an end to the much-extended Season 17. This season introduces a plethora of refreshing content for the renowned free-to-play battle royale game.


Every new season piques the interest of our player community, as it offers a fresh wave of content. From the introduction of a brand-new Legend to a slew of balance adjustments that tweak the gameplay, these updates always keep the gameplay fresh.


Without further ado, here's a concise breakdown of what Season 18 has in store. Dive deep into the latest offerings, from the revamped Revenant Reborn to the tweaks in the Ranked gameplay and more. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of the latest Apex Legends patch notes, breaking down what you need to know, what’s changed, and how it's set to redefine your next battle royale experience.





Apex Legends Season 18 Patch Notes


The much-anticipated Season 18 of Apex Legends is here. And as always, Respawn Entertainment has been hard at work fine-tuning the game mechanics to create a more balanced and enjoyable experience. Whether you're an Apex predator or just dipping your toes into the battle royale waters, this comprehensive guide to the latest updates ensures you're prepared for the challenges ahead. Let’s dive in!






Ring Updates:


Size Overhauls:

  • Ring 1: Expanded! The radius has been given a 10% bump, which translates to about 20% more surface area. The other rings remain unaffected.

Tick Damage Tweaks:

  • Ring 2: Ticks will now be a tad more deadly, increasing from 3 to 4 damage per tick.
  • Ring 4: A slight reprieve here, with damage scaling down from a hefty 20 per tick to 15.


Pacing Adjustments:

  • Rounds 1 to 5: There are notable shifts across these rounds, with a focus on reducing preshrink times and adjusting the shrink speeds and times. It ensures games flow more seamlessly.
  • Overall Match Duration: Expect quicker matches! On smaller maps, the match time drops from roughly 21.5 minutes to 19, while on larger maps, it's a reduction from approximately 22.5 minutes to 20.


Ranked Overhauls:

  • LP Modifications: Earning LP is now a bit tougher, with an overall reduction.
  • Diamond + Dynamics: A steeper price to pay here, with losses seeing a 50% increase.
  • MMR and LP Dynamics: Interesting adjustments here, with some elimination bonuses now spared from bonus withholding when there’s an MMR-LP mismatch.
  • Skill & Rating Incentives: Drastic cuts here to ensure more balanced gameplay.



Balancing Acts:




Armor Alterations:

  • An increase in evo points is needed to jump from White to Blue.
  • An emphasis on fixing overflow damage when leveling up.


Crafting Carousel:

  • We bid farewell to Rampage and R-99 from crafting, welcoming the Nemesis and the ever-reliable Mozambique with Hammerpoint Rounds.
  • Some attachments are out, while the Boosted Loader and Disruptor Rounds make their debut.
  • Medkit fans, brace yourselves! Their price has been nudged up a bit.


Weapons Reshuffling:

  • The Hemlok Burst AR is back on the ground with adjusted recoil and damage metrics.
  • The Prowler Burst PDW has been elevated to the care package, boasting increased damage and a default Full Auto setting.
  • The Gold Weapons roster for this season includes the Hemlok, Peacekeeper, Alternator, Rampage, and Charge Rifle.


Loot Adjustments:

  • Spawn rates for Blue and Purple weapon attachments and armor have seen reductions, ensuring players have to strategize more about their gear choices.



Weapon Revamps:





Charge Rifle: This season, the Charge Rifle is reborn!

    • New ballistics and projectile dynamics.
    • The hitscan feature and pre-fire laser are histories.
    • Its unique projectile mechanism now retains 80% damage even on player passthrough.
    • Intriguing charge mechanics require players to hold down the trigger to amplify the charge, firing at its peak.
    • Extended Sniper Mags are now attachable, and ammo consumption has become more efficient.

SMGs (Including R-99, Alternator, CAR, Volt):

    • Strafing while aiming down sights has been scaled back slightly.
    • The headshot damage multiplier has been toned down.

R-99: Minor tweaks to its recoil and ammo capacity.

M600 Spitfire: Introduced barrels for enhanced stability and improved ADS Recoil.

Mastiff: The shot pattern has been refined for more precision.



Hop-Up Modifications:




  1. Boosted Loader (For Hemlok, Wingman): Overloading mechanism for almost emptied mags.
  2. Disruptor Rounds (Alternator, Peacekeeper): Shield damage gets a boost.
  3. Double Tap Trigger: Removed from regular loots and crafting options.


Grenade Adjustments:

  1. Frag Grenade: Refined radius for increased impact.
  2. Thermite: Fire's visual effects now mirror its actual damage radius more accurately.


Legends Tweaks:

  1. Revenant: Our synthetic nightmare gets a makeover!
    • Shift from Assault to Skirmisher.
    • All-new abilities awaiting discovery.
  1. Ultimate Cooldowns: Adjustments across multiple legends from Bangalore to Wraith.
  2. Tactical Changes: Several characters, including Ballistic, Loba, and Seer, experience tactical reworks.


Maps & World Systems:

  1. Broken Moon: New additions and map spot optimizations.
  2. World Systems: An equalized distribution system for crafting workbenches, survey beacons, and ring consoles across POIs.



  1. Control: Tweaks in capture dynamics, spawning, and timed events to ensure an enhanced gaming experience.



Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends Season 18


Prepare for a metamorphosis in the Apex arena as Revenant gets an extraordinary overhaul in Season 18! This isn't just a mere touch-up but a complete transformation that reimagines the synthetic nightmare, making him the focal point of this season's update.





Revenant’s New Avatar:

 Revenant has shed his old skin for a more menacing appearance, ready to terrify his foes even more.


Enhanced Abilities:

  • Passive - Assassin’s Instinct: Fine-tune your hunting prowess by highlighting nearby weakened enemies. Plus, get an added advantage with swifter crouch-walking and enhanced wall-climbing capabilities.
  • Tactical - Shadow Pounce: Engage enemies with a powerful forward leap. The longer you charge, the farther you'll leap, catching adversaries off-guard.
  • Ultimate-Forged Shadows: Embrace the protective power of shadows. This shroud not only blocks direct hits but regenerates after taking damage. And here's the kicker: every knockdown refreshes your shadows and tactical prowess!



A Gift for the Players:


Revenant won't be lurking behind any paywalls this season. He’s available for free! However, if you want him to be a part of your legend roster, you’ll need to finish a set of challenges before the season concludes.





As the curtain falls on our deep dive into Apex Legends Season 18 patch notes, it's evident that the developers remain committed to refining the game, ensuring a balanced, dynamic, and engaging experience for all players. From weapon modifications to legend tweaks and map adjustments, every change signifies a new era of gameplay, challenging veterans and newcomers alike to adapt and innovate.


While it's impossible to predict the exact impact these updates will have on the in-game meta, one thing's for certain: The Apex battleground is more thrilling than ever. So, Legends, gear up, drop in, and witness firsthand the evolution of the Apex Games.


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