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Best Al Mazrah Landing Spots in Warzone 2

Best Al Mazrah Landing Spots in Warzone 2
Written by: ASH

Al Mazrah, the battlegrounds of Warzone 2s map is an expansive area that presents a variety of locations, from the Call of Duty franchise. The decision of where to land can greatly influence your chances of winning or achieving a number of kills. To assist you in navigating this map we have put together a compilation of the top landing spots in Al Mazrah that are ideal, for both securing victory and maximizing kill counts.


Al Mazrah: A Unique Battlefield Experience


Al Mazrah truly stands out as the map in Warzone 2 offering a range of iconic Call of Duty locations as its points of interest. Whether you prefer looting your way to victory or engaging in adrenaline pumping battles with a kill count we've got you covered with a curated list of landing spots, in Al Mazrah.



Best Places to Land in Al Mazrah for Winning



1. Sawah Village


warzone 2 al mazrah landing spots 2


Positioned on the southwestern outskirts, Sawah Village is a solid choice for players who prefer to avoid early confrontations. While it may lack the glamour of the cityscape, Sawah boasts unique POIs like a beached oil tanker and a sunken market. A Buy Station, ammo cache, potential Black Site, and the Bank of Adal are all within a short sprint from the heart of this Atlantis-like town.



2. Sarrif Bay


warzone 2 al mazrah landing spots 3


If you're aiming for victory it's best to choose a landing spot that offers plenty of loot and minimal opposition. Sarrif Bay is a choice as it provides opportunities, for looting various buildings and you can easily move towards other points of interest like Ahkdar Village and Sa’id City. Additionally being close, to the center of the map ensures that you won't be taken by surprise when the playing area starts to shrink.



3. Marshland


warzone 2 al mazrah landing spots 4


Al Mazrahs Marshlands offer a place to land where you can calmly collect cash and equipment. Although Marshlands may not provide excitement as other points of interest, its central location and limited competition, from early drop offs allow you to carefully plan and prepare for the upcoming game without feeling rushed.



4. Zarqwa Hydroelectric


warzone 2 al mazrah landing spots 5


Zarqwa Hydroelectric is a point of interest (POI) where several teams can gather resources without encountering conflicts. Located in the middle of the map, this location provides an opportunity to establish control over the surrounding area throughout the game, provided you survive the drop. Moreover, it is known for containing stashes, which can quickly provide funds in Warzone 2.



5. East Suburbs


warzone 2 al mazrah landing spots 6


Tucked away in the southeast of Al Mazrah City, the East Suburbs may exude a peaceful ambiance, but it's a hidden gem for Operators looking to stock up on supplies and prepare for late-game encounters. Within this small area, you'll find an ammo cache, comms tower, and the Bank of Adal. A highway connecting to Al Mazrah City and other essential locations makes the East Suburbs a valuable landing choice for those seeking a quieter early game.


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Best Places to Land in Al Mazrah for High-Kills



1. Observatory


warzone 2 al mazrah landing spots 7


Despite the changes introduced in MW3s release the Observatory still remains the location for players looking to achieve kill counts. Situated at the point of Al Mazrah it offers a viewpoint spanning across the entire map. Many players choose to drop to explore Modern Warfare 3s Dome map making it a bustling hub for skirmishes. If you secure victory in these encounters, you'll amass kills, cash, and loot, while also gaining a height advantage for gliding to other areas.



2. Airport


warzone 2 al mazrah landing spots 8


Al Mazrahs airport is well known for housing the adored Terminal Map from MW2, making it a prime location for action packed games with kill counts. The airport is always bustling with activity and excitement due, to its popularity. However, what truly sets it apart for high kill games are the two helicopter spawns conveniently located on the runway. Once you've emerged victorious from fights and gathered your loot you can take to the skies in these helicopters. Participate in thrilling battles over the map keeping up your momentum and racking up kills as you go.



3. Al Mazrah City


warzone 2 al mazrah landing spots 9


The heart of Warzone 2's Al Mazrah, particularly the High Rise building, offers immediate action for those seeking intense combat. With a helicopter spawn available, you can swiftly continue engaging in fights even if the area isn't as crowded as other classic CoD POIs. Grab the helicopter and soar to locations with more players to accumulate a plethora of kills.





To sum up, it is crucial to have a grasp of choosing the landing location in Al Mazrah to thrive in Warzone 2. Whether your goal is to secure victory through looting or engage in battles for high kill counts, where you decide to drop can greatly impact the outcome of your entire match. Therefore, I suggest exploring these recommended landing spots, adjusting your strategy accordingly and emerging as the operator in Warzone 2: Al Mazrah.

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