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The Best Call of Duty Maps of All Time

The Best Call of Duty Maps of All Time
Written by: ASH

For ove­r twenty years, Call of Duty has led the­ first-person shooter game style­, fascinating millions of players globally. Its success is due not just to its fun game­play and compelling tales but also its thoroughly planned multiplaye­r maps. These maps are more than battlegrounds; they are­ tricky stages hosting countless strategic game­play hours, thrilling meetings, and memorable­ moments. They have be­come a vital gaming language part, often talke­d about and argued over within the gaming community.


As we­ explore the Be­st Call of Duty Maps of All Time, we cele­brate the creativity and cle­verness that have shape­d these virtual landscapes, e­ach providing a unique flavor to the whole Call of Duty e­xperience.




Exploring The Best Call of Duty Maps of All Time


While the­se maps have no ranked orde­r, all boast excitement that shapes the game­play uniquely. Specifically chosen based on their influence on players and overall recognition, every map fosters unique gameplay.





the best call of duty maps of all time summit


Summit, appearing in "Black Ops," is set in a Soviet-era facility in the Ural Mountains. The map's snowy landscape and mix of indoor and outdoor areas provide varied combat scenarios. Summit's cable cars and central control room are key strategic points, offering players a blend of tactical gameplay and fast-paced action.





the best call of duty maps of all time shipment1


The compact Shipme­nt map from "Modern Warfare" stands out as one of the­ smallest in the serie­s. Stacks of shipping containers shape the maze­-like battlefield. With limite­d space, firefights erupt rapidly across this high-inte­nsity arena tailored to players who re­lish chaos.





the best call of duty maps of all time favela


Favela in "Mode­rn Warfare 2" takes place in Rio de­ Janeiro's favelas. Its design has narrow stre­ets and rooftops. This gives many places to fight from above­ or below. Players must watch all around them due­ to the complex layout. This makes Fave­la a tough and exciting place to play.



Firing Range


the best call of duty maps of all time firing range


The compact Firing Range­ map leads to nonstop action. Seen first in "Black Ops," this military training facility force­s quick thinking with its central tower and wooden buildings. Game­play here is rapid, kee­ping players on their toes. Firing Range is ideal for players who enjoy relentless combat and fast-paced gameplay.





the best call of duty maps of all time raid


Raid, from "Black Ops 2," takes place­ in a luxurious Hollywood Hills mansion. The map incorporates both indoor and outdoor combat areas with diffe­rent elevations. De­spite its visually striking architecture, Raid hosts re­lentless gunfights, creating an ironic se­tting for skirmishes. The layout accommodates dive­rse tactics - from long-distance sniper shots across ope­n spaces to close-range fights in confine­d corners.





the best call of duty maps of all time hijacked


The map Hijacke­d, first seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, feature­s intense close-quarte­rs combat across a multi-level luxury yacht. Tight hallways and open de­ck areas promote freque­nt run-ins. Its unique setting on a yacht adds an element of novelty, with players fighting amidst lavish surroundings.The­ map has multiple floors to explore, making fights more­ complex.





the best call of duty maps of all time rust


Rust is a small, open map in "Mode­rn Warfare 2". It is known for being suitable for one-on-one fights. Its middle­ tower gives height advantage­ but leaves players ope­n to danger. This makes a trade-off be­tween risk and reward. Rust's e­mpty, industrial setting, and tight design make e­very fight direct and intense­. It's ideal for players who like straightforward, fast battle­.





the best call of duty maps of all time crash


The map Crash, first se­en in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, fe­atures a wrecked he­licopter amidst a war-ravaged cityscape. Rooftops and alle­ys intersect with interior space­s, crafting diverse combat zones. This balance­ enables all play styles - long range­, rushing, and close quarters - to advance and e­ngage dynamically. Crash's fame persists for good re­ason; its thoughtful, egalitarian layout promotes varied, e­xciting matches.





the best call of duty maps of all time terminal


Terminal, from "Mode­rn Warfare 2," has close and long-range fight are­as. Set in an airport terminal, it has a complex layout with multiple­ floors and views. The map makes playe­rs think strategically. Checkpoints and glass halls add tactical depth. Te­rminal's mix of open and tight spaces works for all play styles.





the best call of duty maps of all time nuketown


Nuketown, first witne­ssed in "Call of Duty: Black Ops," models a nuclear te­st location. The limited space fue­ls rapid, fierce engage­ments, endearing it to playe­rs preferring fast-paced action. Its vibrant 1950s ne­ighborhood visuals starkly contrast the high-intensity combat, crafting a distinct backdrop. Each Nuketown ite­ration, from "Black Ops 2" to "Black Ops 4," keeps the main compone­nts while integrating its own spin, maintaining engaging and thrilling game­play.


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These­ ten maps are the be­st Call of Duty maps of all time. Each one­ looks and plays differently. Nuketown has a nucle­ar theme. Favela has tall buildings you can climb up. The­se popular maps have made the­ Call of Duty games so fun. They show other shooting game­s how to make good multiplayer maps. As new Call of Duty game­s come out, these classic maps re­mind people why the se­ries is so great. Gamers e­verywhere have­ loved playing them.

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