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How To Change Ping Color In Warzone 2

How To Change Ping Color In Warzone 2
Written by: Shizza

The battle royale of Call of Duty is an exciting experience for players full of fantastic teamwork, quick decisions, and terrific skills with some awesome loadouts. As part of a team, you should have the ability to make those quick decisions that often require some callouts, which come in the form of pings.



Unfortunately, as reported by many, the new look for the pings has made them more difficult to spot in a quick-paced environment, causing concern among numerous players.


So, to resolve this issue, we have put together this article which consists of everything you need to know about how you can change your ping color in Warzone 2.



Change Ping Colors Warzone 2


In Warzone 2, it is actually pretty easy for you to change the Ping marker, and you only have to know where to look. Here is what to do:


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click on Interface.

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  3. Select Color Customization.

    2023 01 31_5

  4. Scroll down to Neutrals.

    2023 01 31_7

  5. Change the color from white to one of your own choosing.


We would recommend that you change the color to that which will stand out much more on the backdrop of Al-Mazrah and will suit your eyes. It could either be light blue or green, but there are several more options for you to choose from and to see what works best for you.



From the settings page, players can also change team, party, as well as enemy colors, and other adjustments in order to personalize their game a little and find whatever helps them play their best and helps them achieve that victory. So, be sure to assess your options thoroughly.

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