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Can you r_cleardecals in CS2?

Can you r_cleardecals in CS2?
Written by: iamharoongill

When transitioning from CS:GO to CS2, veteran players may have noticed the absence of the famous console command r_cleardecals. This command played a pivotal role in CS:GO, enabling players to clear bullet holes, blood splatters, and other map decals.


But why did this command disappear in CS2, and are there any alternatives? Let’s delve deep into this topic, exploring the evolution of decal commands and their implications for gameplay.




Understand the Role of 'r_cleardecals' in CS:GO


r cleardecals_in_CSGO


In CS:GO, r_cleardecals was more than just a console command. It was a tool that players used to improve visibility on the map. By clearing decals, players could eliminate potential distractions, ensuring that they could spot enemies with greater ease.


Bullet holes, burn marks from grenades, and other such imprints could obscure vision, making this command highly beneficial. For many, it was an integral part of their in-game strategy.




Transition to CS2 – A Missing Command




Upon the release of CS2, especially during its Beta stage, many players were taken aback by the conspicuous absence of the r_cleardecals command. The underlying reason for this omission is believed to be Valve's intention to level the playing field.


By eliminating certain commands that could be perceived as providing an unfair advantage, Valve aimed to create a more balanced gaming environment. This approach seeks to ensure that competitive matches remain as unbiased as possible, with players leveraging their skills rather than external tools or commands.



Alternative Commands in CS2 – With a Caveat


While CS2 doesn't offer the r_cleardecals command, it does introduce several new commands intended for similar purposes. However, there's a catch: these commands are cheat-protected. This means that while players can experiment with them in bot matches or practice sessions, they are off-limits in Competitive CS2 Matchmaking and the new Premier mode.



For those interested, here are the new commands


  • cl_removedecals: As the name suggests, this command removes all decals from the map.
  • r_csgo_render_decals false: This command stops decals from rendering on the map.
  • r_drawdecals false: A more direct command, this simply halts the drawing of any decals.


Remember, to use these commands in bot matches, you'll first need to enable cheats using sv_cheats 1.



The Future of Decal Commands in CS2




Given the strategic direction Valve seems to be taking with CS2, it's unlikely we'll see an accessible clear decals command for cheat-protected servers in the foreseeable future. The essence of this decision seems to be rooted in fairness and competitive integrity. Introducing a command that not all players are aware of could be deemed as providing an unjust edge to those in the know.


It's worth noting that while commands can offer a slight advantage, true skill in CS2, like its predecessor, will always come down to a player's ability to aim, strategize, and work cohesively as a team.



Exploring New Features – A Nod to Responsive Smokes


The absence of certain commands doesn't mean CS2 lacks innovation. A prime example of this is the introduction of Responsive smokes in Counter-Strike 2. This new feature, among others, underscores Valve's commitment to evolving the game while retaining its competitive essence.





Change is the only constant in the world of gaming. As CS2 continues to chart its course, players will adapt to new strategies, tools, and commands. While the absence of the r_cleardecals command may be disheartening for some, it's essential to focus on the broader picture – a more balanced, competitive, and engaging gameplay experience.

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