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How to Jump Throw Bind in Counter-Strike 2

How to Jump Throw Bind in Counter-Strike 2
Written by: iamharoongill

As the much-anticipated release of Counter-Strike 2 approaches, players from the CS: GO community are eager to adapt to the game's new mechanics. In what promises to be a strong contender against Valorant, Counter-Strike 2 offers a thrilling experience for FPS fans.


Optimizing your in-game settings and utilizing the right console commands are essential for peak performance in Counter-Strike 2. One particular skill that players will find indispensable is executing a reliable jump throw for grenades. To master this, follow our guide below on setting up a jumpthrow bind in Counter-Strike 2.




Why Are Jump Throws Important in CS2?




Jump throws are utilized by players to ensure pinpoint accuracy when releasing a grenade, allowing for precise timing down to the millisecond. This is especially crucial for key placements of smoke grenades and Molotovs, which often depend on a meticulously executed jump throw to land in the intended location. Although CS:GO didn't feature an official jumpthrow keybind, players creatively devised their own solutions.


Despite Valve's statement claiming that jump throws can be executed consistently without a specific bind, players have reported difficulty in nailing the exact timing for these throws, resulting in inconsistent placements.



How to bind jump throw in CS2


Counter-Strike 2 offers players the flexibility to establish a jumpthrow bind through an executable config file. Follow these instructions to configure your jump throw bind in Counter-Strike 2:


How_to_Jump_Throw_Bind_in_Counter Strike_2


  1. Navigate to the CS: GO config directory on your computer. It is usually located at "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg."
  2. Copy any existing config file in that folder.
  3. Rename the copied config file to "jumpthrow."
  4. Open this new "jumpthrow" config file and erase all the pre-existing text. Then, input the following commands:
    • +jump
    • -attack
    • -attack2
    • -jump
  1. Save the file and restart Counter-Strike 2. Once in-game, open the developer console and link this config to your desired key by typing: bind c "exec jumpthrow."


In Counter-Strike 2, just like in CS: GO, 'alias' binds enable players to assign multiple actions to a single key. To set this up, perform the following steps:


  1. Complete the first three steps from the previous set of instructions.
  2. Open the "jumpthrow" config file, remove any existing text, and add the following commands:
    • alias "+jumpaction" "+jump;"
    • alias "+throwaction" "-attack; -attack2"
    • alias "-jumpaction" "-jump"
    • bind c "+jumpaction;+throwaction;"
    • alias "+runthrow" "+forward;+jump;"
    • alias "-runthrow" "-jump;-forward"
    • bind v "+runthrow;+throwaction"
  1. Save the file and then relaunch Counter-Strike 2. Open the developer console and execute the new config file.


By following these steps, you'll be able to execute both jump throws and run throws for your grenades in Counter-Strike 2. Remember to assign these actions to separate keys for optimal performance.



What is a Jump throw?




A jumpthrow is a specialized maneuver that combines the actions of jumping and throwing a grenade, granting the grenade extra reach. While it's possible to perform this manually, precise timing is crucial; otherwise, the grenade's landing spot may deviate. Using a script, the jump throw can be automated, removing the element of human error.



Is Using a Jump Throw Bind Allowed?


Absolutely! In Counter-Strike 2, as well as on competitive platforms like FACEIT and ESEA, using a jumpthrow bind is permitted. It is also allowed in professional tournaments, making it a commonly used technique among pro players.


It's worth noting that this wasn't always the case. Prior to 2019, the use of jump throw binds was prohibited in official matches, requiring players to execute this challenging maneuver manually.



CS2 missing binds




While Counter-Strike 2 brings a host of new features, some popular CSGO binds have been omitted. Here's a breakdown of a few notable missing binds and their significance:





In CSGO, the 'cleardecals' command was used to eliminate bullet holes, blood splatters, and other visual clutter during gameplay. Many players had this command bound to their movement keys for cleaner visuals when aiming. In Counter-Strike 2, Valve has opted to remove this command entirely. Instead, they've accelerated the rate at which these markings vanish during gameplay.





In CSGO, the 'cl_righthand' command lets players switch their dominant hand via the console, which could be helpful in certain gameplay situations. This feature has been omitted in Counter-Strike 2, eliminating the ability to hold weapons and knives in different hands. Players used to use this to their advantage, especially when holding angles that required a clear right side of the screen.





A longstanding and helpful command, 'net_graph' displayed FPS and ping data without requiring third-party software. While it’s been a useful feature since the CS 1.6 era, it’s missing from Counter-Strike 2. Modern GPUs often have built-in FPS counters, and in-depth ping analysis is typically less essential than in earlier years.


These are the primary binds that have been left out in Counter-Strike 2. If you haven't gained access to the Counter-Strike 2 beta yet, consider double-checking your system's compatibility, as many players have reported difficulties running the game. For those looking to prepare for the full release, you might also be interested in our list of available maps in the new Premier ranked mode, helping you strategize and improve your Counter-Strike 2 ranking ahead of the official launch.





Mastering the jump throw bind in Counter-Strike 2 is not just a niche skill but a fundamental technique that can elevate your gameplay to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned veteran from the CS: GO era or a newcomer to the Counter-Strike universe, this guide has equipped you with the steps to set up this invaluable bind. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, so do the tools and tactics at your disposal.


While Counter-Strike 2 has opted to leave out some popular binds from its predecessor, it provides a fresh playing field where adaptability is key. Setting up a reliable jumpthrow bind is a prime example of how you can leverage the game's mechanics to your advantage. So go ahead, configure your binds, practice those CS2 Nades, and get ready to dominate the new frontier that is Counter-Strike 2.

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