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The Best Looking Skins That Dramatically Improved In Counter Strike 2!

The Best Looking Skins That Dramatically Improved In Counter Strike 2!
Written by: NutellaOwl

Right when players were certain that there would not be a second part of CS:GO, we were shaken to the core by the news of its release! Nearly after ten years, Valve has decided to release Counter-Strike 2 into the world of gaming, and it will soon be out.


Get ready to explore plenty of exciting features in the game, especially some amazing skins! On the official CS2 website, Valve has confirmed that players can bring their whole inventory along with them to Counter-Strike 2.



The developers have also stated that each skin benefits from the updates to the Source 2 engine, including upgraded lighting as well as visuals for stickers, weapons, models, and much more!


In this article, we will be discussing some skins that will have a pretty high likelihood of going up in value once Counter-Strike 2 is released. So, let’s get right into it!



The Best Looking Skins That Have Improved



1. Vanilla Knives


The first skin that we think is going to level up significantly in Counter-Strike 2 are the Vanilla Knives. These remarkable knives tend to rise over time, especially when we talk about the OG knives such as the Karambits, M9 Bayonets, etc.


However, it is assumed that with the brand-new Source 2 engine, any sort of vanilla knife, be it a Bowie Knife or Shadow Dagger, or Falchion Knife, has the potential to rise in price because the shaders and gliders will be different.



2. Case Hardened Skins


Next, we will be talking about Case Hardened skins such as AK-47 Case Hardened, 5.7 Case hardened, Case Hardened knives, especially Karambits or M9s.


Those kinds of popular knife finishes or kinds that have Case Hardened flavours are the ones that have a high chance of skyrocketing. The older you go back in time to when the skin was released, the better.



3. Dopplers


In case you are not a huge fan of Case Hardens, that is completely fine since there is something else that we would recommend even more which is Dopplers. When you go for Dopplers, just go for just about any knife that you can afford or is within your means.


Nevertheless, if you want to be in the higher echelon of these investments, then we would recommend that you go for the Karambit Doppler, M9 Doppler, Butterfly Doppler, or even the Bayonet Doppler.


Again, it does not have to be the absolute best, i.e., it could be from any phase; one, two, or three. However, we prioritize Phase two, which is the Pink one, but Rubies and Sapphires will also look just as good.

With that said, there is also nothing wrong with going for Gamma Finishes, so players could go with a Gamma Doppler in the form of maybe a Butterfly Gamma Doppler or Shadow Daggers, whatever you deem fit.


Any sort of Gamma Doppler Phase and whatnot will definitely rise in value over the next couple of months.



4. Glock 18 Emerald


We also highly recommend that you get your hands on the Glock 18 Emerald if you can afford it. However, if you cannot, then you can settle with a different Phase Glock 18, but it is a limited edition rare operation discontinued skin that is no longer dropping.



5. AWP Lightening Strike


Now, this investment might be considered a little risky in the form that it probably won’t end up looking as good as most people think it will in the end. However, it is so rare, old, and famous that it will be a decent investment in the long run, with or without Source 2 or with or without Counter-Strike 2.


The skin that we are talking about is the AWP Lightening Strike. This skin has faced quite a lot of hype and drama, which is justified since it is pretty bland skin at the moment and looks like a pixelated jpeg old-looking skin.


However, in the brand-new Source 2 engine, it would surely shine, and the fact that it is a really rare and desirable first Covert op skin in CS:GO, it will probably drive the price on its own.





We also recommend that you purchase a couple of Agents and we are aware that the prices have been stalking, but you do not have to buy them right away. Do not feel pressured and obligated to purchase them right now.


The new game has still not settled in, and the prices are still rising, so it is a bit risky. Go for agents that are in demand and popular, and do not be scared to spend some money if you think you are getting a good quality agent that every player wants.



Skins That Are Not Very Popular


Let’s take a look at skins that are not very popular, and what we mean by that is they do not look the best and deserve to be better.



AK Cartel


In the case of AK Cartel, nobody really wants it, and it has been looking quite bland ever since it came out. It could surely see a glow-up once the new game comes out or the new engine gets released, so keep that in the back of your head.


You do not have to go ahead and buy an AK Cartel right away, but you can look for skins of that same flavour.





To be honest now is probably not the best time to be buying skins. However, it is a great time to be taking some profits off the table and actually selling skins and investments so that you can get some money for when the price inevitably falls back or goes down.


You can re-enter your positions at a lower price, and you can actually increase your investment. Nevertheless, that is really for short-term players or short-term traders that do not really wish to hold items for such a long time.


If you are the type of player that likes buying and holding, then this is not the advice for you. What you can do is buy it now and hold it for a few years, after which you will make some decent returns.

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