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All Hidden Gnome locations in Fortnite

All Hidden Gnome locations in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

Hidden Gnomes in Fortnite are cleverly concealed throughout the game's expansive map, often overlooked during the heat of battle or when evading the encroaching storm. These elusive figurines are not just decorative; locating each one net players a hefty 20,000 XP.


Scattered in various locations, from the bustling Pleasant Park to the serene Lonely Lodge, these gnomes add an intriguing layer to the gameplay. While not tied to a specific quest, their discovery is a rewarding endeavor. Our guide is dedicated to unveiling all the Hidden Gnome locations in Fortnite, ensuring you don't miss any in your quest for XP.




All Hidden Gnome Locations in Fortnite




Fortnite's world is dotted with hidden gnomes, each offering a substantial XP reward for those who find them. Here's a comprehensive guide to all hidden gnome locations in Fortnite:


  1. Junk Junction: Begin in the northwest corner at Junk Junction. Look for a giant llama statue on a hill. The gnome is nestled under the statue amidst a pile of junk.
  2. Pleasant Park: Head to Pleasant Park, where you'll find a large truck parked on the soccer field. Move south from the truck to spot the gnome near a tent.
  3. Greasy Grove: Venture into the mines at Shifty Shafts. Look for a wooden wall, which when smashed, reveals the gnome enjoying a poker game with teddy bears.
  4. Shifty Shafts: Inside the mines at Shifty Shafts, break through a wooden wall to find a gnome playing poker with teddy bears.
  5. Crashed Battlebus Near Shifty Shafts: North of Shifty Shafts, use a zipline to reach a mountain with a crashed battlebus. The gnome is located nearby, marking a rough landing.
  6. Dusty Divot: Search the ponds in the northern part of the forest. The gnome is relaxing on an inflatable chair in one pond, accompanied by a teddy bear.
  7. Paradise Palms: Find a house near the cliffside east of Paradise Palms. Near the cliff edge, you'll discover a gnome mourning at some tombstones.
  8. Lonely Lodge: East of Lonely Lodge, a gnome fishes by a no-fishing sign next to a stream, blatantly ignoring the rules.
  9. Wailing Woods: In the maze at Wailing Woods, one gnome is caged near an entrance. This could be a nod to its rebellious fishing escapades.
  10. Risky Reels: The final gnome enjoys a meal behind a green RV in the northwest corner of the Risky Reels drive-in theatre.



Future of Gnomes in Fortnite




Gnomes have been a quirky and mysterious part of Fortnite's narrative since the early seasons. They often appear in unique situations and move around with updates, contributing to the evolving story of the map.


While these gnomes might seem like ordinary garden decorations, they hold a deeper significance in Fortnite's lore and gameplay, especially in relation to XP and quests. With Fortnite OG set to evolve until December 2, expect to see more of these intriguing characters in future updates and seasons.


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Uncovering all the hidden gnomes in Fortnite is not just a thrilling challenge but also a rewarding one, with each discovery bringing a significant 20,000 XP boost. From the junk-laden landscapes of Junk Junction to the eerie calm of Wailing Woods, these gnomes are strategically placed to add an extra layer of excitement and exploration to the game. They're a testament to Fortnite's commitment to creating a dynamic and engaging world where every corner of the map holds potential surprises.


As the game continues to evolve, keep an eye out for any new gnome-related quests or changes in their locations. Remember, these gnomes aren't just for decoration; they're a key part of Fortnite's storytelling and gameplay. So, whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, embarking on the hunt for these hidden gnomes is a fantastic way to dive deeper into the rich, ever-changing world of Fortnite.

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