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How to Unlock Fortnite Season OG Super Styles

How to Unlock Fortnite Season OG Super Styles
Written by: iamharoongill

Fortnite fans, gear up for an exciting challenge in Season OG! This season offers a unique twist with its shorter duration, easing the journey to unlock all OG Pass rewards. Crucially, reaching level 50 is your ticket to completing the OG Pass and unveiling the exclusive Omegarok skin. But the thrill doesn't end there. For the ardent gamers, Fortnite Season OG holds hidden treasures in its Bonus Rewards pages.


Our comprehensive guide dives into the allure of Season OG's Super Styles, detailing their stunning aesthetics and the strategic path to unlocking them. Stay tuned to master the art of claiming these coveted Fortnite OG Super Styles!




How to unlock the Fortnite OG Super Styles




Unlocking the Fortnite OG Super Styles in Season OG requires both strategy and dedication. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you claim these exclusive cosmetics:


  1. Complete the OG Battle Pass: Begin your journey by fully completing the Fortnite OG Battle Pass. Your target is to claim all 50 rewards, which sets the foundation for unlocking Super Styles.
  2. Tackle Bonus Rewards Page 1: Once you've conquered the Battle Pass, advance to Bonus Rewards Page 1. This page features an additional seven items. Unlock these items by using the required Battle Stars, a crucial currency in Fortnite's progression system.
  3. Proceed to Bonus Rewards Page 2: This is where the real excitement lies. Page 2 hosts the Fortnite OG Super Styles, including alternate versions for characters like Lil' Split, Renegade Lynx, and Omegarok. These skins stand out with their gold and white attire, making them a must-have for your collection.
  4. Earn and Spend Battle Stars: To unlock each Super Style, you need to earn 20 Battle Stars per cosmetic item. This means a total of 60 Battle Stars are required to claim all three skins.
  5. Time-Sensitive Unlocking: Remember, these skins are only available until the season's end, expected in early December before Fortnite Chapter 5 begins. This gives you a limited window to gather enough Battle Stars and progress through the levels needed to unlock all rewards.
  6. Embrace the Challenge: The race against time adds an exciting edge to your gameplay. Make the most of each match, complete challenges, and strategically play to maximize your Battle Star earnings.


By following these steps, you can proudly showcase the Time Breaker Lil Split, Time Breaker Renegade Lynx, and Time Breaker Omegarok in your Fortnite arsenal.


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3 Fortnite OG Super Styles




Fortnite Season OG brings with it three mesmerizing Super Styles, each a testament to the game's creative prowess. Let's unveil these exclusive styles:


  1. Time Breaker Lil Split: A fusion of the iconic Peely and Lil Whip skins, Time Breaker Lil Split stands out with its lavish gold foil and pristine white attire, enhanced by eye-catching cyan highlights. This Super Style elevates the whimsical character of Lil Split to a level of unparalleled elegance and charm.
  2. Time Breaker Renegade Lynx: Mirroring the luxurious color scheme of the OG Super Styles, Time Breaker Renegade Lynx is a sight to behold. The style features opulent gold accents set against a clean, white background. Adding to its allure, players can pair this skin with the Storm Mask, creating a look that's both unique and captivating.
  3. Time Breaker Omegarok: Completing the trio is Time Breaker Omegarok, a skin that transforms the original Omegarok into a more prestigious and visually striking version. This style integrates seamlessly with the Harbinger Armor, amplifying Omegarok's already formidable presence on the battlefield.


Each of these Super Styles is a blend of luxury and fantasy, offering players a chance to stand out in the Fortnite universe with distinct, aesthetically rich designs. Remember, these styles are available for a limited time, so make sure to unlock them before the season ends!



Duration of Fortnite OG Super Styles Availability




The window of opportunity to access the Fortnite OG Super Styles is as thrilling as it is fleeting. These exclusive styles, a highlight of Fortnite Season OG, are bound by the season's timeline. Players have until the season's culmination, expected to occur in early December, to unlock these unique styles. This provides a timeframe of just under a month, a critical period for enthusiasts to engage in the game and accumulate the necessary Battle Stars.


As we anticipate the launch of Fortnite Chapter 5, it's imperative for players to act swiftly. Once the season concludes, these Super Styles will no longer be available, making this period your only chance to claim these distinctive skins.


The countdown is on, and every moment counts. Dive into the Fortnite universe, conquer the challenges, and secure your Super Styles before the season draws to a close. The clock is ticking – don't let this exclusive opportunity slip away!





Unlocking the Fortnite Season OG Super Styles is an exhilarating challenge that rewards persistence and skill. By completing the OG Battle Pass, navigating through the Bonus Rewards pages, and strategically earning Battle Stars, players can unlock the exclusive Time Breaker Lil Split, Renegade Lynx, and Omegarok skins.


Remember, these skins are only available for a limited time, with the season drawing to a close in early December. So, seize the moment and immerse yourself in the quest for these prestigious styles. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to elevate your Fortnite experience and showcase your achievements with these exceptional Super Styles.

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