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Best Fortnite Key Bindings for Beginners and Experts!

Best Fortnite Key Bindings for Beginners and Experts!
Written by: ar1essss

Let's be honest, Fortnite is a tough game to play when it comes to the sheer mechanical ability you need to be good at it. There are so many keys and controls that you need to keep in mind, but so many different functions are being added to the game every other season, and a ton of new content showing up. You need to constantly keep up with so many things, and then ensure that you're not falling behind.

To make these things a bit easier though, you have to find yourself a consistent set of key binds. The key binds are what make or break your game, especially in a game like Fortnite where there are so many commands that you have to enter all at the same time. Between the building, movement, shooting, and surviving, you need to ensure that your key binds are comfortable for you to perform all of those actions. So, we’re here to help you out!




The Best Fortnite Key Binds for Beginners


How to jump from the bus

Now, when you're designing key binds for yourself when it comes to Fortnite, you need to make sure that it's efficient and lets you touch all the buttons and the functions separately. The default keys are nice enough, but they can stand in the way of you playing to your highest potential. So, here's the first set of key binds that we recommend.


WallMouse Button 5
StairsMouse Button 4
Building EditF
Harvesting ToolX
Weapon Slots1 through 5
CrouchLeft Ctrl/Left Shift
Sprint by DefaultOn


This set of key binds is for beginners who are starting to understand the concepts of coordination, and wish to get better at the game. These key binds will help you in increasing your efficiency in getting through the enemies, building, and switching between weapons. It also increases the speed of how you use your med kits and shields, as well as your grenades and other items. The building is the main factor though, and these key binds will help you in getting better at that.



The Best Key Binds in Fortnite for Experts


Kyle Bugha Giersdorf

Now, if you're already good at the game when it comes to default controls, you can bring your game to an even higher standard by using the key binds that a hugely popular Fortnite player uses. Sen Bugha Is by far the best player in Fortnite history, at least according to tournament performance and global repertoire. We know that that kid has gained knowledge, and he probably has a set of key binds that helped him become the best. These are the key binds that belong to Sen Bugha!


UseE/ Mouse Wheel Up
JumpSpace Bar
Sprint by DefaultOn
CrouchLeft Ctrl
Repair/UpgradeMouse Button 4
Harvesting Tool1
Weapons Slots2 through 6
RoofLeft Ctrl
Edit on ReleaseOn
Building EditF/Mouse Wheel Down
Building ResetRight Click/Mouse Wheel Down
Emote KeyN



These key binds are for those players who are looking to up their game even further, if you're already comfortable with the game systems and mechanics, it shouldn't take you long before you're comfortable with these key binds. Once you ensure that you are comfortable with these, your game is going to be much faster, more accurate, and even more focused than before.




Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, everyone needs a set of key binds that they can wholeheartedly rely on. So, if you’ve got any issues with your current key binds, then make sure to implement the above-mentioned ones into your gameplay. Not only are these tested by great players, one of the above-mentioned sets belongs to a Fortnite championship winner!

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