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How to Tame Animals in LEGO Fortnite

How to Tame Animals in LEGO Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

Welcome to the exciting world of LEGO Fortnite, where survival hinges on more than just your combat skills. In this immersive game, Epic Games has introduced an intriguing element: wild animals. These creatures are not just a part of the environment; they're key to accumulating essential resources necessary for thriving across various biomes.


This guide is dedicated to teaching you how to tame these animals, transforming them from wandering wild beasts into valuable assets for your farm. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer unafraid of hostile entities or a strategic gamer looking to optimize resource gathering, understanding how to tame animals in LEGO Fortnite is crucial. From chickens to cows and even the more formidable wolves, we'll explore how to lure and domesticate these animals, enhancing your gameplay experience significantly.




The Concept of Lure Animals in LEGO Fortnite




In LEGO Fortnite, luring animals is a crucial skill for every player aiming to harness nature's bounty. This task, while seemingly daunting at first, becomes straightforward with practice. My experiences in the game have shown that both docile and hostile creatures can be enticed. This technique is useful for trapping animals or setting them up in enclosures and for benevolent purposes like feeding them.


The key lies in understanding each animal's behavior and preferences. For instance, dropping food near animals piques their interest, indicated by question marks appearing around their heads. Mastering this art of luring is essential for efficient resource gathering and effective farm management in the diverse biomes of LEGO Fortnite.



Step-by-Step Guide to Lure and Tame Animals in LEGO Fortnite


Step by Step_Guide_to_Lure_and_Tame_Animals_in_LEGO_Fortnite


Tame animals in LEGO Fortnite is an engaging yet straightforward process once you grasp the basics. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you master this skill:


  • Identify Tamable Animals: Focus on creatures that don't attack on sight. These are your potential candidates for taming.
  • Petting for Taming: Approach a docile animal and interact with it to pet. This simple action can lead to the animal generating a resource, marking the beginning of the taming process.
  • Use Food to Lure: Animals respond to food. Drop food items near them to catch their attention. Watch for the question marks around their heads, indicating their interest.
  • Drop Food Methodically:
    • For console players: > Open your inventory. > Highlight the food stack. > Choose "More Actions" and then "Drop." > Use the D-pad to select a single item from the stack and drop it.
    • For PC players, it's easier: simply drag and drop the food item from your inventory to the ground.
  • Create a Suitable Enclosure: Before luring animals, ensure you have a pen. Build it high enough to prevent escapes, using materials like Plank Railing 03 for optimal height and cost-effectiveness.
  • Lure Animals into the Pen: Drop food items inside your pen, then create a trail leading animals from their location to the pen. As they follow the trail, gently guide them into the enclosure.
  • Secure the Animals: Once the animals are inside, close the pen to ensure they don’t wander off.



Build an Effective Animal Pen in LEGO Fortnite


Creating the right environment for your newly tamed animals in LEGO Fortnite is essential. An effective animal pen not only secures your animals but also makes resource collection more efficient. Here’s how to build one:

  1. Choose the Location: Select a flat area close to your farm for ease of access. This ensures you can quickly gather resources from the animals.
  2. Construct the Walls: Start by building wooden half-walls. These are sturdy and provide enough height to prevent animals from jumping out. Remember, some animals, like sheep can clear low barriers, so height is key.
  3. Add a Gate: Incorporate a gate or Fort Doors into your design. This keeps the animals contained and allows easy access in and out of the pen. Ensure the gate closes securely to prevent escapes.
  4. Design for Space and Comfort: Ensure your pen is spacious enough to house the number of animals you intend to keep. Overcrowding can hinder the movement and comfort of the animals, affecting their resource production.
  5. Secure the Perimeter: Double-check the enclosure for any gaps or weak points. Animals in LEGO Fortnite can be quite clever, and any small opening might be an escape route.
  6. Accessibility for Resource Collection: Design the pen so that you can easily access the animals for petting and feeding, which are crucial for resource generation.



How to Make an Animal Farm in LEGO Fortnite




After mastering the art of taming animals, the next step in LEGO Fortnite is to establish a thriving animal farm. Here’s how to set it up effectively:


  1. Build the Farm Structure: Start with wooden half-walls to create the farm's perimeter. Ensure it’s large enough to accommodate the animals you plan to keep. Include a gate for easy access.
  2. Choose Your Farm Animals: Explore the game's biomes to find animals suitable for your farm. Consider the resources they provide, such as wool, milk, or eggs, and choose a variety that suits your needs.
  3. Lead Animals to the Farm: Once you've selected your animals, take the food they prefer and use it to lead them to your farm. Drop the food in a trail to guide them gently into the enclosure.
  4. Secure the Animals: After leading the animals into the farm, close the gate to prevent them from escaping. Ensure that the enclosure is secure and that there are no gaps for them to slip through.
  5. Maintain Your Animal Farm: Regularly feed and pet the animals to keep them happy and productive. Each interaction strengthens your bond with the animals and ensures a steady supply of resources.
  6. Resource Collection: Regularly visit your farm to collect the resources produced by the animals. This could range from meat and feathers to milk and eggs, depending on the animals you’ve chosen.



Use Lured Animals for Resources




Once you've successfully lured and secured animals in your LEGO Fortnite farm, it's time to utilize them effectively for resources. Here's how to make the most out of your animal companions:


  1. Understand Resource Types: Different animals provide unique resources. Chickens offer feathers and eggs, cows can be milked, and sheep provide wool. Identify what each animal offers and plan your resource collection accordingly.
  2. Regular Interaction: Regularly interacting with your animals is key. Petting and feeding them maintains their health and prompts them to produce resources. This interaction is a simple yet crucial part of your farming routine.
  3. Resource Harvesting: Approach your animals periodically to collect the resources they produce. This could be as simple as walking up to them and engaging in a petting action. Be mindful of the timing, as resource production is not instantaneous and requires a certain rhythm to maximize yield.
  4. Balance Animal Welfare and Resource Needs: While it’s tempting to focus solely on resource collection, remember to take care of your animals. Ensure they are well-fed and content, as this directly impacts their productivity and the quality of resources they provide.
  5. Expand Your Farm: As your resource needs grow, consider expanding your farm. More animals mean more resources but also require more attention and care. It’s a delicate balance between farm size and manageability.
  6. Strategic Farm Placement: Place your animal farm close to your base for easy access. This reduces the time spent traveling to and from the farm, making resource gathering more efficient.





Mastering the skill of taming animals in LEGO Fortnite opens up a new realm of possibilities for resource management and gameplay enhancement. From luring animals with their favorite foods to building efficient enclosures and establishing productive farms, these techniques provide a strategic edge in the game. Not only does taming animals add an enjoyable element to your LEGO Fortnite experience, but it also ensures a steady supply of essential resources.


Remember, the key to success lies in understanding each animal's behavior, providing adequate care, and efficiently managing your farm. As you embark on this adventurous journey, embrace the challenges and rewards that come with becoming a skilled animal tamer in the vast and vibrant world of LEGO Fortnite.

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