Best Landing Spots And Loot Locations In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Best Landing Spots And Loot Locations In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3
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Written by: Mohsin

With the launch of Season 3, the map of Fortnite has been remixed again! With newly added locations for the players to discover and many old ones still a part of the map, here are the best Landing Spots and Loot Locations in season 3 of Fortnite.


Firstly let's talk about how the island got to look like this. Since the island completely flipped upside down at the beginning of Chapter 3, there have been constant changes happening on the island. With the third season of this chapter, most landmarks have remained the same while new locations have also been added.


With the addition of a new Reality Tree which spreads out a shade of purple throughout the map and its roots which are constantly expanding, we can expect to see more changes to the island as the season progresses.


With all these changes taking place, if you want to figure out the best landing locations for the start of your games in Fortnite, here is a list of all the best landing spots in chapter 3, season 3 of Fortnite.



Here are the best landing locations in Chapter 3:



The Daily Bugle


Straight outta spiderman, The Daily Bugle is one of the best spots to land at the beginning of a match in Fortnite season 3. This is because of the 46 chests which can be found scattered throughout this place. These chests are sure to set you up with plenty of loot to help you get your first few kills in the match. And the spider webs and ziplines that are found in this place can help you move around easily.


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When spiderman’s web-shooters were in the game, The Daily Bugle used to be a popular drop as players would land here and contest with each other to find the web-shooters for themselves. But now that they are vaulted, you will find way less competition here and most likely survive in this area easily.



Chonker’s Speedway


Feel like racing? Try landing in Chonker’s Speedway which is one of the most fun landing spots in Fortnite season 3. This place consists of a giant racing track spread across the place, with many buildings scattered in between which are full of loot. There are 40 chests that spawn here along with a Seven Outpost which contains three supply chests with guaranteed high-tier loot.


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Along with the loot, this place is also good if you just wanna have some fun. When you land, find the set of sports cars that spawn here along with the offroad tires which can be equipped on these cars. These cars are great for racing on the track with your friends or roaming around the island.



Rave Cave


After the battle between The Seven and The Imagined Order was over, the Command Cavern hideout was turned into the Rave Cave. This is the number one party destination on the map which also contains a giant roller coaster layed out in the place. Ballers can also be found here which can be used to ride on the roller coaster.


photo_2022 06 21_19 43 23


Along with the fun rides, there is a bunch of loot to be collected in this location. There are a total of 59 chests to be found here. Rave Cave also has many elevated spots and vantage points where players can stand and scope out the place. The high vantage points, ballers, and barrels make this location a favorite drop location for many players.




Shifty Shafts


Shifty shafts have finally returned to Fortnite in the third season of chapter 3. This is an OG location that existed in chapter 1 and was a favorite drop location for many players and still continues to be loved by many who play the game. It is the better choice if you farm for XP and kills because its isolated maze-like structure lets players fight each other without being interrupted.


photo_2022 06 21_19 44 25


Shifty shafts also have structures that are made from all three types of build materials i.e: Wood, Brick, and Metal. Players who land here can easily farm these structures to stack up on all three materials. This place is a good pick for the sweaty players who don’t spend much time looting and like to hunt for eliminations.


Tilted Towers


We all saw this coming. Tilted towers are a must-pick for any list of top locations for dropping in Fortnite. Tilted towers are an iconic drop location in the game and are very popular among the players. Tilted is a hot drop almost every other game and has plenty of loot to accommodate the players.




There are enough buildings here to keep the players occupied and give them cover when fighting on long-range. Tilted towers are another perfect fit for the sweats who like to pick fights and show off their skills over others.

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