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How to Sit Out in Fortnite

How to Sit Out in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

In the high-octane world of Fortnite, taking a breather from the relentless battle royale matches is sometimes necessary. Whether you're stepping away for a quick break or adjusting your game settings, knowing how to sit out in Fortnite is essential. With the game evolving into Chapter 5 Season 1, featuring exciting additions like an Eminem concert and exclusive skins, the frenzy around Fortnite continues to surge.


However, amidst these thrilling updates, the ability to sit out remains a constant, providing players with a much-needed pause without disconnecting from the squad. This guide will explore the straightforward steps to effectively sit out in Fortnite, ensuring you can take your breaks without missing out on the action.




What is the 'Sit Out' Feature in Fortnite




Fortnite's 'Sit Out' feature is a handy tool that allows players to take a step back from the game without leaving their squad's lobby. This function is particularly useful when you need a moment to adjust your settings, grab a snack, or simply rest your eyes.


By choosing to sit out, you signal to your teammates that you're temporarily unavailable for matchmaking, but still part of the team. This means your squad can proceed to queue up for another match while you're sidelined, ensuring the game goes on without a hitch. It's a testament to Fortnite's player-friendly design, allowing for a seamless balance between competitive gameplay and necessary downtime.



Step-by-Step Guide to Sit Out in a Fortnite Lobby


Step by Step_Guide_to_Sit_Out_in_a_Fortnite_Lobby


Sitting out in Fortnite is a straightforward process, but it's tucked away in the game's menu, making it a feature some players might overlook. Here's how you can easily sit out from your next match:


  1. Access the Main Menu: Start by clicking on the Menu button, represented by three horizontal lines located in the top right corner of your screen. This will bring up the game's main menu.
  2. Navigate to Your Profile: Within the menu, click on your Fortnite profile icon. This action will bring up several options related to your account and game participation.
  3. Find the Participation Option: Look for an option labeled "Participation" within the menu. By default, it's set to "Playing," indicating that you're ready and willing to join the next match.
  4. Change to 'Sitting Out:' Click on the Participation option and switch it from "Playing" to "Sitting Out." This change will immediately inform your squad that you're taking a break and will not be part of the next match queue.


Following these steps ensures you're properly set to sit out in Fortnite, allowing your teammates to continue playing without interruption. Remember, you can switch back to "Playing" at any time when you're ready to jump back into the action. This flexibility makes sitting out a valuable feature for any Fortnite player seeking a brief respite from the game's intense battles.



Why Choose to Sit Out in Fortnite?


Opting to sit out in Fortnite is more than just a convenience; it's a strategic choice for those moments when you're temporarily unable to participate but don't want to hinder your squad's momentum. Rather than forcing the entire group to wait or having to leave and rejoin the party later, sitting out keeps you in the loop and ready to return to action with minimal disruption. This feature is invaluable for maintaining the flow of the game and ensuring that your team can continue to play matches, gather resources, and engage in battles, all while you handle whatever you need to offline.



Practical Situations for Sitting Out




There are numerous scenarios where sitting out in Fortnite becomes beneficial:


  • Adjusting Game Settings: Fine-tuning your controls or audio settings for an optimal gaming experience.
  • Real-life Interruptions: Answering a phone call, attending to a doorbell, or taking a quick bathroom break.
  • Short Breaks: Grabbing a snack, stretching, or just resting your eyes after hours of screen time.
  • Waiting for a Friend: If you're early for a gaming session and waiting for another friend to log on.
  • Child or Pet Care: Briefly stepping away to attend to a child's or pet's needs without leaving the game.



Tips for Communicating with Your Squad


Effective communication with your squad is key when you decide to sit out. Here are some tips to keep everyone informed and maintain a positive gaming experience:


  • Use Voice Chat: Quickly explain why you're sitting out and how long you might be away. It’s immediate and leaves little room for confusion.
  • In-Game Messaging: If voice chat isn’t an option, use the game's text messaging feature to send a quick note to your squad.
  • Plan Ahead: If you know you'll need to sit out soon, give your teammates a heads-up. This can help them plan strategies without you.
  • Reassure Your Return: Let your teammates know if you plan to return so they can expect you back in the game.
  • Be Considerate: Try to limit the duration of your absence to keep the game enjoyable for everyone. If you expect a lengthy break, it might be better to leave the party and rejoin later.


By choosing to sit out in Fortnite wisely and communicating effectively with your squad, you can ensure that your gaming sessions are enjoyable, flexible, and respectful of everyone's time and commitment. This feature underscores Fortnite's commitment to creating a user-friendly and inclusive gaming environment, allowing players of all commitments and schedules to participate in the fun.





The 'Sit Out' feature in Fortnite offers a perfect blend of flexibility and connectivity, allowing players to take necessary breaks without feeling left out of their squad's adventures. Whether you're adjusting settings, handling real-life tasks, or simply taking a moment to relax, sitting out ensures you remain a part of the action in spirit, even when you're not actively participating.


This guide has walked you through understanding this feature, how to activate it, and the importance of communication while doing so. By leveraging the ability to sit out effectively, you ensure that your gaming experience and that of your squad remain uninterrupted, enjoyable, and respectful of everyone's time.


Embrace the 'Sit Out' feature to balance your personal needs with the dynamic world of Fortnite, ensuring that you never miss a beat of the action or compromise your squad's performance. Fortnite continues to evolve, but the essence of teamwork and community remains a constant, thanks in part to thoughtful features like this.

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