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How To Find Midas Jail Cell in Fortnite

How To Find Midas Jail Cell in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

Embark on an intriguing quest within the ever-evolving world of Fortnite, where the Rise of Midas event beckons players to a challenging yet rewarding mission: finding and investigating Midas' Jail Cell. Situated in the foreboding depths of The Underworld, this location has recently surged in popularity, making it a bustling hotspot fraught with perils.


The challenge intensifies if you encounter Hades, summoned by a rival player, adding a thrilling layer of difficulty to your quest. This guide is your trusted companion, poised to navigate you through the complexities of locating Midas' Jail Cell amidst the chaos. Prepare to delve into the underworld, outsmart your adversaries, and uncover the secrets that lie within Midas' enigmatic cell.




Where to Find Midas’ Jail Cell in Fortnite




To uncover the enigmatic Midas' Jail Cell within the vast expanse of Fortnite, your adventure must commence at The Underworld, a domain rife with mystery and danger. Your destination is none other than Hades’ Throne Room, a pivotal landmark within this shadowy realm. Here's how you can navigate this treacherous terrain:


  1. Journey to Hades’ Throne Room: Start your quest by venturing into The Underworld. Once there, locate and enter Hades’ Throne Room, a place teeming with lore and hidden passages.
  2. Exit Behind the Throne: Within the confines of the throne room, seek the discreet exit situated behind Hades' grand seat. This less-trodden path is your gateway to deeper secrets.
  3. Descend the Mysterious Stairs: After exiting, align yourself southward and scout for an enigmatic staircase descending into the depths. These stairs mark the trail to your coveted destination.
  4. Discover the Gold Door: At the staircase's end, a chamber unveils itself, dominated by a resplendent gold door. Guarded by four golden cages, this door heralds the location of Midas’ Jail Cell.


By following these steps with precision and vigilance, you will have successfully pinpointed the elusive Midas' Jail Cell, setting the stage for your investigative endeavors within its confines. This phase of your mission tests your navigational acumen and brings you closer to unraveling the mysteries of Midas' confinement.



Investigating Midas' Jail Cell




Upon successfully locating the Midas Jail Cell in the shadowy depths of Fortnite's Underworld, your next objective is to delve into a meticulous investigation of its confines. This crucial phase of the quest demands attention to detail as you explore specific elements within the cell to unearth its secrets and advance your journey:


  1. Investigate the Jail Door: The entrance to Midas' cell, a conspicuously crumpled gold door, holds the first clue. Approach it and use the interact button to commence your investigation. This action will provide insight into the cell's recent activities and any potential escape attempts.
  2. Examine the Reboot Card: Central to the cell lies a golden Reboot Card, an item of significant importance. Locate this card within the room and interact with it to glean valuable information and further the narrative of Midas' storyline.
  3. Scrutinize the Cuffs: Your final investigative task involves the cuffs situated at the cell's rear. Look upwards to find broken cuffs dangling from the wall — a testament to a struggle or a cryptic message. Interacting with these will complete your exploration of the cell's critical elements.


Each step of this investigation is pivotal for unlocking the lore behind Midas' confinement and essential for your progression within the game.





In this guide, we've traversed the depths of The Underworld to uncover the elusive Midas Jail Cell in Fortnite, offering step-by-step directions to locate and investigate this significant site. By successfully navigating to Hades' Throne Room, descending the mysterious stairs, and thoroughly examining the cell's intricate details, players can enhance their gameplay experience and delve deeper into the game's lore. Completing the investigation of Midas' Jail Cell progresses the storyline and grants valuable experience points, rewarding players' diligence and curiosity in their Fortnite adventure.

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