How To Get Bot Lobbies In Fortnite

How To Get Bot Lobbies In Fortnite
Image Credit: Epic Games
Written by: Knightmare
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Fortnite is full of highly skilled players. If you’re new to the game, you might think about how everyone is better than you. However, there’s a way for you to join a lobby full of bots in Fortnite.


So today, we will tell you how to join bot lobbies in Fortnite. These lobbies can be helpful if you want to practice before jumping into a game with real players. Moreover, bot lobbies in Fortnite can help you complete your challenges.



What Are Bot Lobbies In Fortnite?



Before jumping into the guide, let’s discuss what bot lobbies are in case you’re confused. We've all encountered bots in Fortnite. They are the players whose names are made up of two random words followed by numbers. They are generally only a tiny portion of your opponents. 


In simpler words, Bots are AI players that are programmed to act like actual players. However, they aren’t as skilled as actual players. They may even build structures but quickly abandon them and are easy to target.


So bot lobbies in Fortnite are those lobbies that are full of these lobbies. Many players use these bot lobbies to improve their game or complete challenges.




How To Join Bot Lobbies In Fortnite?



A proven method allows you to join Bot lobbies in Fortnite. However, there are some things that you need to do beforehand.


First of all, make a completely new Fortnite account. Since new accounts do not have any level, they are automatically put into bot lobbies. So, once you have your new account ready, you can jump into bot lobbies.


This method only works with duos, trios, or squad modes. Now all you need is a smartphone that can run Fortnite. The simplest method is to have an Android phone that the Epic Game Store supports. You can check whether your phone is compatible or not by going to their website.


Download Epic Games App from their website. It’ll have an apk extension. Once it’s downloaded, click on it to install it. When you first launch the game, you must create a new Epic Games account if you haven’t already.


Now, open your main account on whichever device you play (PC or Console) and invite this account into a lobby. Make him the Party Leader and start searching for a match. As soon as the match is found, close the game from your mobile phone.


This last step is crucial. Since the new account doesn’t have any level, it allows you to get into bot lobbies. If you play any game with it, its level will increase, and you’ll only be able to play against actual players.


If you have followed all these steps carefully, you must be in a bot lobby now, and you can complete challenges here without any problem. If you want to join a bot lobby again, follow these steps.



How To Join A Bot Lobby With An iPhone?



If you have tried searching Fortnite on the Apple AppStore, you know it doesn’t show up there. However, there’s a way to run it on iOS and get into bot lobbies.


If you have an iOS smartphone, you can use Xbox Cloud Gaming to play Fortnite. You must, however, create a new Xbox account or utilize one that has never played Fortnite before. You won't need Epic Games to account for this method.


Even though cloud gaming requires a high-speed internet connection, you can get away with it in this method because you won’t be playing a game with the Xbox Cloud Gaming.




Advantages Of A Bot Lobby


It is pretty helpful to have a bot account in Fortnite. Fortnite gives the players new challenges every week; sometimes, they’re nearly impossible to complete. For instance, there’s a challenge in which you need to collect something in a specific location. However, once you land at that location, you’re immediately taken out by the other players trying to complete the same challenge.


This is where bot lobbies prove helpful. You can carelessly land anywhere on the map and complete challenges with ease. In addition, you can gain a lot of XP through these lobbies. 


You can quickly get ten kills in Fortnite bot lobbies if you’re careful, which adds up a lot of XP. It is a great way to progress your Battle Pass when the time is short.



Is It Safe?


Rest assured, it is entirely safe to load up into bot lobbies in Fortnite. Epic Games is fully aware of this tactic, which is more common than you think. You can do it however many times you want. It will not affect your account.


Keep in mind, though, that you won’t get a Crowned Victory Royale. No matter how many victories you rack up, there is no way to obtain a Victory Crown in a bot lobby. Other than that, it is entirely safe.





We hope this guide helps you get into bot lobbies in Fortnite. You should share it with your friends who are also struggling with it.

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