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How To Get Midas in Fortnite

How To Get Midas in Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

The Fortnite universe is abuzz with the latest buzz-worthy event, the Rise of Midas, introducing fans to a thrilling new chapter in the game's lore. As Chapter 5 Season 2 unfolds, players are transported to a Greek-themed map, enriched with novel content and regular updates to heighten the excitement. The pivotal 29.01 update heralds the return of the iconic character Midas, igniting the gaming community's anticipation.


This guide aims to illuminate the path to locating Midas in this new chapter, elucidating his role and the rewards he bestows. Embark on this adventure to discover where to find Midas in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, unraveling the mysteries and opportunities that await in this enthralling update.




Locating Midas in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2




In the immersive world of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, locating the elusive Midas character becomes a quest of its own amidst the game's new Greek-themed map. As part of the Rise of Midas event, this renowned character has made a grand reentry, now available to players as a unique NPC.


To find Midas, gamers need to keep their maps handy and eyes peeled, as he is strategically positioned to enhance the gameplay experience, offering tasks and rewards that are integral to progressing in the game. His exact location may vary, urging players to explore and interact within the game's dynamic environment, ensuring each encounter is as thrilling as the last.



How to Obtain the Ascendant Midas Skin




The allure of Midas extends beyond his in-game presence with the introduction of the Ascendant Midas skin in the Fortnite shop, scheduled for release on March 26th. This coveted skin, along with the Golden Touch Pickaxe and Golden King’s Cape Back Bling, symbolizes prestige and accomplishment within the Fortnite community. While the price for this exclusive skin remains undisclosed, anticipation builds as the release date approaches.


For those seeking glory without expenditure, the Rise of Midas Cup tournament presents an opportunity to win the Ascendant Midas skin and additional accessories for free, rewarding top performers with early access to these items and enriching their Fortnite experience with a touch of Midas's golden allure.



Winning Ascendant Midas for Free


Epic Games has crafted an enticing opportunity for Fortnite enthusiasts to secure the prestigious Ascendant Midas skin at no cost through the Rise of Midas Cup tournament. Scheduled for March 24th, this competitive event is a beacon for players aiming to showcase their skills and earn exclusive rewards. Success in this tournament brings glory and tangible prizes: the top scorers in each region are awarded the Ascendant Midas skin along with the coveted Golden King’s Cape Back Bling.




Moreover, the tournament incentivizes participation and competitive spirit, as all participants achieving a minimum of 8 points are rewarded with ‘The Rise of Midas Loading Screen,’ a keepsake symbolizing their involvement and achievement. This approach democratizes access to the Midas-themed rewards, allowing players across various skill levels to engage with and benefit from the event's offerings.


Participation in the Rise of Midas Cup offers a dual reward: the thrill of competition and the chance to earn exclusive items ahead of their general release, enhancing one's Fortnite experience with a blend of challenge and reward. In essence, this tournament stands as a testament to Epic Games' commitment to engaging its community, providing pathways to prestige and accomplishment within the vibrant world of Fortnite.



Ascendant Midas Cosmetic Set


Fortnite's introduction of the Ascendant Midas cosmetic set provides an array of exclusive items that embody the golden opulence associated with the character. This set includes the Ascendant Midas skin and extends to different accessories that enhance the in-game aesthetics and player experience. Key components of the set feature the Golden King's Cape Back Bling and The Golden Touch Pickaxe, both of which resonate with Midas's luxurious theme.




Additionally, leaks hint at an alternative Shade style for the skin, expanding customization options for players. The Golden Ascension wrap and The Gilded Vengeance harvesting tool further complement the set, offering cohesive visual flair. For those engaged in the Rise of Midas Cup, there's the chance to acquire these items as rewards, adding a competitive edge to their collection efforts. Moreover, purchasing these items directly from the Item Shop remains an option, providing a straightforward path to securing these coveted cosmetic enhancements.


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Midas-Themed Rewards and Interactions


Within Fortnite, Chapter 5 Season 2, interactions with the Midas NPC extend beyond mere encounters. Midas offers unique rewards and services, making him a pivotal figure on the map. For a certain number of Gold Bars, players can procure the Epic Drum Gun or utilize Midas's Patch Up service to restore health, adding strategic elements to the gameplay.


The dynamic between players and Midas can shift, however; those who choose to confront and defeat Midas in combat can loot a Rare Drum Gun from him. While this approach might seem more direct, the rewards differ in rarity compared to the transactional exchange of Gold Bars.


As the storyline progresses, the potential introduction of a Mythic Drum Gun and the evolution of Midas from an NPC to a boss character remain speculative yet exciting possibilities, promising to enrich the narrative and gameplay. Engaging with Midas in these various capacities provides players with tactical advantages and with a deeper connection to the game's unfolding lore.





In the vibrant realm of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, the Rise of Midas event ushers in an era of golden opportunities and challenges. Whether you're navigating the Greek-themed map to locate Midas or participating in the Rise of Midas Cup for exclusive rewards, the game offers myriad ways to engage with this legendary character. From the coveted Ascendant Midas skin to the various Midas-themed rewards and interactions, players are invited to immerse themselves in a storyline enriched with intrigue and luxury. As you venture forth to find Midas and claim your golden prizes, remember that each encounter, battle, and strategy unfolds a chapter in your own Fortnite legend.

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